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  • Confused about controllers

    Hello. So for a while i have been looking around this forum trying to understand this ideea of connecting laptop LCDs to regular computers. There is just one thing i am very confused about. What exactley is this LCD controller? What is the exact name for this hardware? From what i read this is not the regular DVI port that newer vid card have. So if its not the regular DVI what am i looking for?

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    its the board that's inside a desktop monitor. that converts ether VGA or DVI to the sepshal singlal power to light up the screen.

    its not a internal thing on video cards. unless you get a freaky single board computer. sometimes tho's have it

    but no ATI or nvidia card will have that kind of option. its a board to power your LCD
    Pete Kastner


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      Check the FAQ in the newbie section, it goes into detail about it there.


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        Have you had any luck finding info about controllers for a laptop LCD. I'm also trying to find some basic guidelines for controllers and inverters.