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What else do i need? to make this happen!

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  • What else do i need? to make this happen!

    I have plans on buying a SS51G Shuttle XPC with a P4 Processor/1.8ghz/40gb/768MB ram/Sony DVD-ROM drive/ NVidia GeForce 4 64MB card with S-video and rca video out/ 40G HD/ floppy drive. Is that a good system? to run for my CarPC? then i will have a 10.4 in touchscreen with vga/rca out flush mounted into the dash....Any sugguestion on what else i need for this unit?
    Where can i get aht think taht is used to turn off the comp when i turn off my car? and about the cooling system how should i do it? I have a 2000 mustang convertible....Any suggestion? or Opinion? Im new so dont flame the hell out of me. Do u use a regulare power inverter to power the screen and the XPC? Please fill me in.
    Thank you.....
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    The specs of the pc seem like it would do most things you would ask of a car pc, no probs there.

    The thing used to turn off the pc when you turn off the car is called a shutdown controller (ITPS for example), search for "shutdown controller".

    as for what you use to power the pc and screen...does the screen take mains power? or 12 volts? an inverter may be necessary because of the screen but the power solution of choice for a car pc is a dc-dc power supply (opus, arise etc.) these are more efficient and dont interfere with audio signals like an inverter can. Some models (opus) have a shutdown controller integrated negating the need for one.


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      My opinion:
      System seems pretty good. I'd recommend some more harddrive space, but then again, I have over 80GBs of MP3 and another 40GBs of music videos.

      Are you getting a bare screen? I've got a 2000 Ford Taurus (which probably has a bigger dash) and I'm not so sure a 10.4" will fit. Remember that this is just the measurement of the screen and not the components/frame around the screen. Get measurements of the entire assembly before you drop the money on it.

      You may also want to consider a GPS.

      From reading the board, I'm going to go with the Opus DC-DC power supply. From what I understand it's got the controller built in. Only 150watts and a bit pricey but it seems that every one on the board swears by it. It's also regulated. There are links from Products on the MP3Car homepage.

      Hopefully, you screen will run on 12V so you can just tap into the car power. If not you may need to run a DC-AC invertor. No biggie. You'd only need the smallest one you can find and just wire it through the ignition switch, but give it a dedicated power line to the battery for safety.

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        Yep, pretty much what everyone else says, more HDD space (120gigs are so cheap today), and Opus DC-DC, and a GPS mouse. I used the Delou USB, works great.
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          If your screen does not run off 12v just go with a large inverter ... by the sound of it you are just getting the pc right. The case and all. I think it will come with a power supply. Id get a nice size inverter to run the screen and power supply. I have the ITPS..... My computer does not shutdown in 5sec. So i have to wait for it to shut down then shut car off just to be safe. On that inverter i would put a switch on the 12v line going into the inverter. Someone on here has told me that even with the inveter off, yet still power going to it, it will still suck up juice.Thats why i would put a switch on that 12v line in to the inverter.
          Or get the opus and make sure everything can run behind that. Meaning the opus has enough power and watts to get ya through. There are many on here with large screens. Check out their installs.
          Im not gonna flame ya because i have a shuttle......SO SEARCH!!!

          Edit: oh yeah the shuttles get hot. Someone said something about it on here.
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            Instead of a switch, put a relay, either switched from your head unit remote out (for power antennas and amps), or from an ignition source. taht way it works automatically, and it is one last last thing to forget. Yes the inverter will keep sucking power, and probably running it's fans, unless you switch it someway.
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              whoa thankz for all the suggestion im going to put this in to all consideration....HOw hard is it to build your own computer? I want to make my own computer but i dont know how...what are the main part i need? My freind is certified to build custom pc but he is not in the country until the until then im going to ask for your help...So these are the things i need.....
              -PC/Tower: What does Barebone mean? What does it come with and what is need to make it work? CPU?Video Card? Hard drive? CD Rom? i know there is some more but i cant remember help me fill it in.
              -Monitor: Touchscreen
              -GPS: When i buy a GPS mouse/reciever diose it uusallly come with software?
              -Navigation: How does the GPS tie it self to thiss? what software supporst both?
              -Wireless Keyboard: What that program call when u can use your screen as a keyboard? does it take up the whole screen or just the bottom part?
              Thats all i can think of for what i need....i have about...500-600 to spend for what is the most important thing to get?
              2000 Silver Mustang GT Convertible
              10.4" Touchscreen Monitor Custom Fabricated in Center Console, 2.0ghz Intel P4 , 120gb, 128 DDR Ram, Nothing Special.....