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how to get movies to play full screen on Lilliput?

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  • how to get movies to play full screen on Lilliput?

    i have a 7" Lilliput and when i play DVDs it only takes up the middle half of the screen (widescreen.) since the Lilliput is 16:9, shouldn't i be able to fill the screen?

    anyone know how to do this?


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    What video player do you use? You should be able to change the settings in the player and fit to screen.
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      Most Widescreen movies are not in 16x9. They're in 2.35x1 which will leave bars at the top and bottom on 16x9 screens. Unless the DVD Software has some sort of zoom feature, the only way you're getting it full screen is to get the 4x3 (normal aspect ratio - think TV) movies...


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          I have this same issue, when running at 800x600 (aspect ratio 1:33 to 1) the Lilliput will letterbox 16:9 (aspect ratio 1.77 to 1) movies, but if you change the resolution to 848x480 (aspect ratio 1.76 to 1) the movies will fill the whole screen. Now if you have a movie with a wider aspect then 1.76:1 then you will still have black bars. Guess you just gotta run 848x480, but I don't like the way somethings look at that res. (i.e. XP desktop looks distorted to me).
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