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Looking for double DIN 7 x 4 epia case

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  • Looking for double DIN 7 x 4 epia case

    Hello all,

    Im getting ready to start on this carputer project. I have a 91 Taurus SHO that I wanna do this in. I found a case here that would fit here, but its only one DIN unit tall, and is pretty restrictive as far as memory & drives go. The taller ones there are all at least 8" waide, wich won't fit. So I am looking for a case that is 7 x 4 (as opposed to 7 x 2) to fit where that stock headunit & cupholder thingie is right now. The cupholer unit comes out easily and is pretty much the same size as the head unit. This car alrady has a decent JBL system stock, including an amp, so hopefully all i will need is the case & board, drives & lilliput touchscreen, and psu.

    Anybody found a case like this?

    Edit: Oh yeah, the faceplate for the head unit looks bigger than usual, but thats just the front, its all regualr behind there, and there is a plastic bridge that runs between the cupholder & head unit, which i can easily dremel out.

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      That link doesn't work. But you think about makig one, maybe out of plexi?
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        Travla 137

        Dont Travla do a 137 case as well that looks double-din.


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          you could make your own case out of a prototyping enclosure. Digi-key has hundreds of diferent sizes i'll bet you could find one that's the size you are looking for, or at least one that's 7x4x something longer that you could cut down. I built the case for my pc out of one. It's more work because you need to make brackets to hold drives ect, but it's the only way to get exactly what you want.

          Good luck


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            Hey weird the link doesnt work but should be from l o g i c s u p p l y dot com. Weird why is that censored here?