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"over range" on Lilliput... how do i set refresh rate?

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  • "over range" on Lilliput... how do i set refresh rate?

    the user manual for the Lilliput says i need to set my refresh rate correctly if the screen displays "over range", but they don't tell you how to do it.

    do i need to set the refresh rate on the laptop or the Lilliput? how do i know which refresh rate is correct?

    also, this only happens when the laptop is booting. works fine once the desktop pops up.


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    Wouldn't worry about it too much if the display works correctly on the desktop... More then likely your system is adjusting to the screen once the boot.ini file is loaded... Could be the video card in your system is trying to push a high resolution and the screen will not handle it... Then once the operating system takes over it automatically adjusts for the screen...

    If you still wish to change the settings you have to find a clear spot on the desktop, right click and go to properties... Then click on the settings tab and you can adjust your resolution here... The refresh rate can be adjusted by clicking the advanced button on the same tab... This is all assuming that you are operating on a windows platform and your video card supports the adjustment of resolution and refresh settings...

    Hope this helped you out a little...
    Mike Jackson