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    Morning all.

    Well, installed about 90% of the carputer over the course of the weekend and it's all looking very good. Luckily for all concerned I've been able to find out what I'm after without posting repeated noob questions (an activity which doesnt seem to go down too well in these parts!).

    I am now sitting around waiting for FedEx to deliver my lilliput.....

    I've read that the 'egg' power supply does a poor job in regulating the pwr source and also consumes abot 1.5v. This is not fantastic news for me as I had hoped to power the screen through the dash (with hardwired egg).

    I've read that it's quite acceptable to power the lilliput from a molex connector on the opus power supply. I havent read anything that says this is not accpetable to power from an ATX supply, such as the one I have installe dint he Falcon. Can someone please confirm that a desktop-style ATX power supply will be ok for the lilliput? I figure a hard drive must need a nicely regulated supply so I assume this will be perfect for the screen.

    And if someone could confirm that it is the yellow wire on the molex connection is +12v and the black wire directly next to the yellow on a molex connection is -12v.

    Many thanks peeps. I'm looking forward to posting up some pics in the completed section - havent seen any car PCs installed in a 1995 Ford Falcon yet!
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    Yellow is +12VDC
    Black is Ground

    As far as the lilliput is concerned, I don't have one so I can't offer up an answer for you.
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