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Screen mounting issues (2002 Chevy Malibu)

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  • Screen mounting issues (2002 Chevy Malibu)

    Hoping somebody out there can give me some suggestions as to how I can mount this thing.

    For now I am putting in a 7" lilliput on the dash somewhere. I do not plan on using fiberglass or cutting up my dash as I am not sure how long I will be using this particular screen or have this car. I am installing a new HU on Wednesday so I will hold off on pics of the dash until then.

    Anyways...any suggestions on non-in-dash mounting?


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    I installed one in a 1997 Malibu.

    I cut up the dash to make better install. I just sold the car but during the install process I was careful to preserve all the original mounting points so it would snap back together when the time came. When it was sold, it looked stock.

    If you donít want to hard install it then just stick the screen somewhere.


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      I had seen your install during my searching for others who had to deal with the Malibu. I like the look but I don't wanna do any fabrication work.

      I finally got the deck in an working so I thought I would post some pics.

      The pics are pretty much the same thing.

      Notice also that the vents above the of them is broke...(dang road rage) Anyways...I had thought of possibly mounting it on a bracket coming out of that broken vent. I would put it below the HU but the shifter comes so far forward that it touches the screen.

      I had also thought about mounting it along the side of the middle console but it then gets in the way of the glove compartment door opening....

      Hopefully somebody can give me some ideas that won't cause much or any damage to the interior of the car. Thanks all

      Pic 1

      Pic 2