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    I've been a member for awhile, but haven't really looked into carputers in over a year, so I consider myself a newbie for now.

    I have a 7" lcd screen (will probably replace with vga touchscreen lcd tho) and a garmin etrex gps and street atlas. I had the gps going into my old laptop to the screen, with audio out to my amps, but the laptop died shortly after, so i put the project on hold.

    GPS Nav
    FM Radio
    Play CDs
    Play MP3s
    Play DVDs
    TV Tuner
    Play video games
    possible cell phone interaction (?)

    Looking at:
    Xenarc or Lilliput 7" vga touchscreen
    Getting an m-itx mobo (nemamiah 1000?) and the din-sized casetronics case
    Opus or other psu for powering the carputer (no more inverter!)
    Using media engine software

    I have a 20gb laptop hdd that i'll use for now. I'll need to get the case, ram, psu, mobo and slim dvd drive. I'll hook up a usb 802.11b adapter to it to transfer files from my home network to the car and for maybe war driving(?).

    Is this still a decent combo? Are there better recommendations for screen, motherboard, case, psu, software? What kind of price range am i looking at? What are some good sites for buying the mobo/ram/case/etc for USA? Is the casetronic case a good one, or have there been probs with it (i stopped right before it was released)?

    I may need to use a diff software than street atlas deluxe if there are some that are better fit for the 7" touchscreen.

    I know my way around powerstrip for changing resolution. I'll probably get a usb audigy soundcard and do rca out from there to my speaker amp and my sub amp.

    I'll be reading recent posts to get a better idea as well, but any help or guidance here is greatly appreciated.


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    "Is this still a decent combo?"
    Dude, this is the very combo that 80% of the people on these forums have, save for one or two discrepancies.


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      i got the name of the case wrong..i'm talking about the travla c136 silver

      what kinds of discrepancies do people have with this? what issues do i face?

      mainly, i also need decent websites to find best prices...i'm fine to buy all the parts separately and build the comp myself, or find it all-in-one somewhere at a discount


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        check you private msg