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Drive logs & sound quality of phone in car

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  • Drive logs & sound quality of phone in car


    First nobee questions... Three years ago I was pretty much clear of that I wanted to build something like this for my (or the company I work for) car. Because it was a Saab 9-5 there was to many struggles - no audio in, no way to use the steering wheel buttons and so on, so i dropped it and were just using my portable mp3-players and the tape-converter.

    No it's time for the new car - this time it's a Peugeot 407 SW which has audio-ins:s in the head unit, and a great space for putting the 7" Lilliput. I've got some of the hardware - a Via Epia TC/1000
    (, a USB>Bluetooth thingie, w-lan card, a 120 GB 3,5" hard drive, a wireless keyboard (which I think will stay in the trunk most of the time). I still gotta get a Lili, a ITPS, a slim slot-in dvd, a usb2-hub, BT>GPS or USB GPS reciever.

    I've ordered the plastic dash piece to which the Peugeot GPS-system normally sits. It's using a 7" 16:9 touch monitor which makes me belive that I might be able to make a good-looking install without having to put in weeks of labour.

    In the back there is a good place for a cd-changer which I hope I can use for the Motherboard. My plans are to run two USB-cables - one to the dash and one to the glove compartement. Behind the Lilliput I hope to have the space for an USB2-hub for the touch and possibly gps & wlan. In the glove compartement i plan to put the slim dvd/cd-rw. I've got a USB2>IDEconverter that I'll use for that...

    So over to the questions:

    1. Any thougts of this setup? Anything i should reconsider?
    2. I'm interested in using PhoneControl as a handsfree. I'm not that bothered with the "auto-pick-up-problem" as I usually use auto-answer in my car hands-free anyway. What I'm worried about is sound quality. For me it's not OK that the other party won't hear me - in that case i'll have to pick up the calls from the phone instead. The microphone Zorro uses doesn't seem to exist any more. Is it possible to get the same (or better) sound than from the phone mic itself? I could easilly think of using a gooseneck mounted in the chair or in the ceiling.
    3. Becauce it's a company car and the Swedish tax regulations I need to send a drive log each month whic contains the following information:
    Where I started from, where I was going, the total distance, the date & time of the trip and if the trip is for buisness or personal use. I usually go to like 30 locations only ( for buisness - for private I only need to log the date & milage). Is some feature like this integreted into any of the navigation software or is there any posibility to extract that information automaticly?

    Thanx a lot! This is a great place!

    /peo from Sweden
    - - - - - - - - -
    New car coming up...
    The project so far: 6% - only 94% to go... :)

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    1. Any you should reconsider...yes.

    Firstly, the ITPS. If you will ever want to use the system with the engine off, or think you will ever need to restart the car with the PC on, then forget the ITPS. As you seem to be decided on the TC1000, the best bet is the Carnetix CNX-P1260, which provides you regulation and startup/shutdown controller. The ITPS won't keep the PC running when you start the engine.

    Secondly, the Lilliput. I have used both the Lilliput and two Xenarc screens, and the Xenarc is hands down worth the extra money. The Xenarc is clearer, has less glare, and I haven't had any problems with the touchscreen on them, unlike the Lilliput.

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