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LCD, PSU, placement of carputer?

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  • LCD, PSU, placement of carputer?

    Ok, I'm having all kinds of problems here...

    I have a 2001 Nissan Altima with a double wide DIN. I have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard (flexatx), 1GHz P3, and 512MB PC133 RAM, 40GB hard drive as a start for my carputer. Now everything after this is a mystery...

    I was thinking of getting an in-dash LCD monitor and putting the motherboard or a head unit underneath of it. If I put the mobo in the dash, then I'll need an amp. If I put a head unit in the dash, then I'll need to find a spot for my motherboard. I was also thinking that I could put just the motherboard in the dash and get a 7" Lilliput or Xenarc to mount in front of it, but then again, I need an amp. The DVD-ROM is also going to need a spot.

    I don't especially want to install an amp, but it's looking like it may be the only easy way out. If I do get an amp, I think I would only need a 2channel, right? But then I don't know what to do about the wattage. Would 150Wx2 run at 75W on 4 speakers or what? I am not sure of the impedance of the factory speakers...

    Well, I found an in-dash LCD that has a built-in amp: here . It has no VGA, and I have no idea about the specs of it (brightness, contrast, etc.) so it's probably not a good idea.

    The other thing is the PSU. I know these questions have been asked thousands of times, but here it is once more. WHICH POWER SUPPLY SHOULD I GET? heh.. Since I'm not running a mini-itx mobo with low power, I wasn't quite sure what to get. I don't especially want to fork out $200 for an OPUS PSU... but maybe I'll have to.

    Anyway, if you made it all the way through this, thanks for your time. Sorry if it's a little jumbled...

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    If you are unsure of yr power usage and are on a tight budget get the ITPS and an inverter, will save you a lot of time and with some common sense it can work just as well (often tank batteries will be useful here).

    As for placement, i've gone the head unit route but if you cant find anywhere else to put yr screen then yes you will need an amp. A 2 channel amp that is 2ohm stable will be ok, most factory speakers are 4ohm, but itll be worth checking. Or you could just get a 4 channel amp.

    No, you dont want that monitor, for decent picture go VGA - lilliput or starvision or xenarc.

    If the dvd player is a slimline laptop one then im sure you could find a place to cut out a hole, theyre tiny.

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      For power supplies, the Opus 150 will have a lot less hassle then an inverter. It's more efficient, will make integrating w/ your car system effortless so it'll start when your car does, survives cranking so you can leave the computer on while gassing up then restart, and more.

      I have the Opus 90 and love it w/ my Epia. The 150 should handle your MicroATX 1ghz just fine. It's $200, but worth every penny.
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        I'd much rather not fork over $200 for the PSU... How well does the 200W+ITPS perform?

        And would I be able to fit the screen in my dash? I think that plus an amp would be the cheapest way to go considering the in dash VGAs are $450 for the nonmotorized variety. But then I think I would need some way to cover up the LCD screen....



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          Originally posted by egeekial
          I'd much rather not fork over $200 for the PSU... How well does the 200W+ITPS perform?

          ITPS regulator (LM1084) is only rated at 5A. Ie, the ITPS will limit your system to 60W unless you bypass the regulator, and then if you are running one of them snap on regulators you'll have other problems to contend with (an unregulated 12v line being the main one).
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            Do you think the Opus 90 would offer enough power... probably not because I have a 7200RPM hard drive. I'm looking for a slim, slot loading black dvd-rom but can't really find anything for a decent price.