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First CarPuter project

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  • First CarPuter project

    Somehow got an idea to build a pc in my car a few weeks ago, only to notice that I wasn't alone, for searching the allmighty internet I found lot's of pages consernig the topic. The included.

    The project might consist of the following pieces:

    Travla C134 Mini-ITX Case
    Nehemiah EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Motherboard
    512MB DDR PC2100 DIMM - EPIA M Compatible
    Seagate Momentus 40GB 5400RPM 2.5in HDD - 20GB's might be enough
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen

    Some sort of Slotload DVD/CDRW drive via USB, tough I read some of the users here had some issues with them drives ?

    Was thinking of that ITPS thingy(with the 60W DC/DC PSU of the case) for power regulation but again I read some posts here considering the PSU's and at the same second the CNX-P1260 DC-DC Power Supply (Regulator) started to sound better.

    And 'some sort of GPS device' as I get the rest of the setup working and find info about them GPS's.

    I believe that was about the setup and then for some questions ;

    How well the parts, the monitor included, can handle the quite cold weather here in Finland at wintertime(or the moisture created in the car when heating it in the winter), and how hard(and I'm a real noob at any connections and whatnots, so go easy on me) it's to connect the computer to the stock cd-player/radio(Ford 4500), if even possible. So that I might listen to the radio every once in a while(or then again the system could leave to make room for the Lilliput.

    Any suggestions / comments wellcome ! Thanks.

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    Get the GPS mouse from great. $68 shipped from Honk Kong.
    MOst people here say to go with OPUS for power. (I got a cheap inverter however)
    99 Accord coupe
    My Project Thread on