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TFT headrest shroud + subwoofer question

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  • TFT headrest shroud + subwoofer question

    Seen a lot of flaming in this newbie forum (lurker coming out to post) .. even though it's supposed to be for newbs...oh well I'll take that chance. I tried to do some modest es and just want a couple quick definitive answers please:

    1. Is there a headrest shroud for the Lilliput that would allow me to snap in/out the TFT (yea i live in a quasi-ghetto)? If so, where have people been purchasing them.

    2. I've got a 12" JL Audio sub in my trunk. Ideally, I'd want to mount my carputer in the trunk, but naturally, I'm worried about the bump-bump messing up hard drives in a hurry. Preliminarily, I'm thinking about the Epia with a 2.5" drive with peripherals connecting via USB in the front. Thanks in advance.

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    with the epia you might be able to mount it all in the dash somewhere, just make sure to give it some ventilation