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  • just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello to all,
    I heard about carPCs a few years ago and started searching the net. I came across this forum and I browsed for a while, but ended up losing interest due to my meager student budget. I'm back now with renewed interest. I've found myself reading here a lot lately and figured it was time to register as a member. I've finished school (I'm still broke!) and I'm ready to explore the world of in-car computing.

    I plan to do a full system in the next car I purchase. Hopefully, that will happen by the end of the year. In preparation, I want to setup a PC in my Escort. I figure the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty.

    My cousin gave me his old PC, an e-machines P3 600MHz. This will be the foundation of my 'experimental' carPC. My goals for building this PC are that its cheap and that I learn as much as possible along the way. I will continue reading on these forums because I have already learned so much from you guys.

    Ive had a PC in the house since the early 80s, but even with a head start, I didnt keep up with the PC boom. I regret not pursuing the hobby of 'playing' with computer hardware/software. I feel very comfortable assembling a PC (built my first one last summer) and with hardware in general. But I know absolutely nothing about software and programming. I hope to pickup some knowledge in that area.

    Finally, I'm a car enthusiast first, and a computer nerd second. My main passion is anything automotive-related. I plan to purchase a Nissan 240SX (200SX for the guys across the pond). I spend a lot of time on NICO, a Nissan and Infiniti forum. Check it out if youre a Nissan fan. I always refer guys from NICO to this forum when they ask about car PCs and LCD screens.

    Thanks for reading...
    My first carPC!
    MP3/CD player
    Celeron 633MHz - 10GB Seagate - 64MB PC100 - Win XP

    Soon to actually find its way into the car!

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    From newb to newb... welcome!
    mATX mobo
    2.4 GHz Celeron (prescott)
    512 MB RAM
    80 GB 3.5" HD
    Runnin off an inverter (for now)
    7" Lilliput
    Microsoft (Pharos) USB GPS
    Have yet to pull the trigger on a slim slot load DVD
    STATUS: who knows... I don't


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      good luck on your journey, it will be fun
      DICE Los Angeles


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        Good luck with your project! Hope to see it soon in "Show off your project"
        Why is it drug addicts and computer afficionados are both called users?

        Currently : Audi A6 - no install

        Second install : VW Passat '97 CarPC
        First install : '87 Audi 80 CarPC


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          Hey, I am also a member of the NICO forums...great "community" for Nissan/Infiniti owners... I am also looking in to starting a CarPC project with damn near the same old eMachines with if I remember corectly a 600mhz processor know...well, all I need is a touchscreen LCD like the Lilliput or something cheaper and I will be on my way.. (Kinda on a REALLY limited

          Well, good luck to you, and hope to see you on the NICO forums...BTW I am the same there too Maverick7687, and I own a 1993 240sx Hatch...Peace,


          EDIT: YES, I know this thread is old...My bad...


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            Hey, a fellow NICOnaut! My SN on NICO is IWannaS15.
            I'm working on using a PSOne LCD as a display but I'm having some video card problems right now. But these guys are very helpful and really creative.

            I was looking for a S14 over the summer, but that's on hold until the spring. I hope you saw Burnin240's install in the audio forum. Nice stuff...

            The playstation LCD is 5" (not a touchscreen) but requires some modding. I got is used at EBgames for $45. Its an option worth considering but I cant say too much since I havent gotten it working yet. Good luck with that eMachines. Theyre not the best designed PCs. has some good stuff about them.

            See you around...
            My first carPC!
            MP3/CD player
            Celeron 633MHz - 10GB Seagate - 64MB PC100 - Win XP

            Soon to actually find its way into the car!


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              Hannibal, I frist of want to wish you the best of luck with your carpc endevour, its a great learning experiance and rather addicting. I my self have been doing this for 3 years.
              I'm on my 5th car pc (i've changed vehicles, put pc's in friends cars and keep re-designing my systems constantly)

              With that being said, here's some advice: I wouldnt use a PSone screen because the resolution is very bad. Where it might be good to watch a movie or play a video game, its not very good with computers. I'd really consider getting a lilliput or xenarc VGA monitor.
              Progress [I will seriously never be done!]
              Via EPIA MII
              512MB RAM
              OEM GPS (embedded)
              nLite WinXP pro on
              1GB Extreme III CF card
              Carnetix 1260 startup/ DC-DC regulator
              Software: Still, re-Writing my existing front end in .Net


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                Thanks for the advice. As I said above, I'm a car guy first and PC geek second. My Escort isnt worthy of a full PC install or even a $300 LCD screen. (No offense to the Yugo drivers with $2000 systems)

                I'm just trying to get some experience while I save up for the car and the nice system. I'm not even planning to mount the PSOne screen; it'll be under the seat when not in use and sitting on the center console while driving. Its only function (at first) will be to display Winamp. I will try video/DVD on it, but I'm not expecting much.
                I'm sure I'll look back and realize what youre trying to tell me, but anything's better than a AM/FM radio right now.

                I'm beginning to understand the addiction. I was hoping to do this basic setup for under $100. Ive already spent $45 for the Sony LCD, $40 for the video card, and $40 for a graphic LCD I got before I decided to try the PSOnce screen. And I havent even bought more memory yet.
                My first carPC!
                MP3/CD player
                Celeron 633MHz - 10GB Seagate - 64MB PC100 - Win XP

                Soon to actually find its way into the car!