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  • Help the N00B!!??

    Ok...I'm a poor college student who's looking to find a good solid system to function in a car w/o shattering my frail bank account.

    Here's what I'm looking to do:
    MP3/compressed audio
    IN-car DVD/CD's
    GPS live navigation - using standard GPS reciever (such as gps mouse or RadioShack Digitraveler)
    Touch screen interface
    802.11x wireless capabilities.

    I need to know of good software to use to accomplish this.
    Also I need to know if there are any temperature issues with placing the computer in the trunk of the car.
    also...what does everyone reccomend for power. I was thinking of using an inverter and UPS and having the computer suspend evertime it went into battery mode...but is there a better way?

    Please help...any hints/tips would be great.

    Also would like to hook to in-car engine diagnostics port for...I dunno...whatever it'll tell me.


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    i think everyone here is trying to build a good, reliable carputer cheaply. alot of this stuff has already been covered. seeing as this is your first post (hell, i'm still under 10), try the search function. better yet, take a look at hte project's completed forum at the bottom. also, alot of members have thier specs listed in thier sigs.

    not ton encourage someone who doesn't use the search function,

    1. Software depends on the application. Divx and GPS use two differnet pieces. there is no built in one, but one of the media engine items (Frodo Player, ect.) will try to do it all.
    2. No temperature issues if you don't seal it, but I would not have a fanless rig for the trunk mount.
    3. DC-DC direct power is more effecient than an inverter. and a ups would just kill your battery in the car. you can precharge a ups in the house, then put it in the car, but running suspend evertime you shut down would kill the ups's power in about 20 mins.

    use the search function, and just look around the boards. i lurked here for about 2 months before listing a post.


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      your at 11 posts =D

      im stealin this quote from someone somewhere i dont remember but it was good enough that i did remember the quote.

      cheap and fast is not reliable
      reliable and cheap is not fast
      fast and reliable is not cheap


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        Originally posted by tdevil
        cheap and fast is not reliable
        reliable and cheap is not fast
        fast and reliable is not cheap
        Nice Quote indeed. It does actually summarizes it all.

        Sometimes it's hard to build a good system even with a lot of money.
        But a cheap system can be done. Best thing would be to do a lot of reading on this forum first. After you know what hardware could be used, you can try to find it cheap. Try to look what you've got laying around. Such as motherboards, drives,...

        Take a look at this project:
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          Erm, try time too... If you have alot of time you can build a cheap system. Of course you will have to spend alot of time making it reliable too! My system so far has cost me $175 for screen, about $50 in instalation parts, and $10 for a GPS cable $35 for keyboard and mouse. The system I just had laying around got given it, i got a free inverter with the screen, and my dad had a GPS... So I have under $300 in it. I may assure you that its not the best system in the world, but im always looking for ways to improve it :-D Oh yea, got a free 802.11x network card from a friend (I traded a 1.1 duron in exchange for a 1ghz duron and the card) not bad on my half :-D as for touch screen, your going to pay money for that.
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