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is it a working set up

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  • is it a working set up

    i don't want to spend too much, so i thought i am going to find slim pc and mold it in the trunk

    so far, i found an HP desktop

    which is 2.2x8.2x7.8

    would i run into any problem using it in the car?

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    you need either an inverter or a dc dc power supply. your car doesn't have a 110V AC outlet


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      if your glove box has room...
      custom fit it there....look better and save u some wires runing up and down....
      just my 2 pennies...


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        Makes sure it's an actual PC, I had an HP that looked just like the one in your pic that was only a Thin Client. As long as it's a full blown PC it looks good, I'm currently using an older model HP that is similar in size to that one.
        1.6GHz HP e-PC, 768MB RAM, 120GB WD HDD, Slim DVD-ROM, Onboard sound & video, 7" Lilliput, USB GPS Mouse, Audiovox FM Modulator, Vector 400 Watt Power Inverter, Windows XP Pro SP2, iGuidance 2, 15" Samsung LCD for the rear *Carputer not installed*


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          so the only thing i will need is to get a p/s converter and that's about it?


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            That PC won't do what you want I don't think...


            That has less than my server I built myself for my home network.

            Have you done anything with PCs before? You could get a Mini ATX case like this:
            A good mobo (Asus A7V8X-MX SE... onboard sound/video/ 6 USBs) Then you just need RAM, a HDD, a DC-DC psu, and some wires.

            OR, check this out:

            Dell Dimension 4600C

            It's something smallish like what you're looking for but it actually has something to it. It's already built and has a year warranty.