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7" LCD Quality?

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  • 7" LCD Quality?

    I have to say I've been seeing quite a few people having issues with the 7" VGA TouchScreens on this forum. It really has me worried that I'll get everything else working then I'll end up with a bad touchscreen. I'm leaning toward delaying my project till some better quality/durability screens become available.

    Any input? Any screens out there that are dependable?

    At first I was excited to find this forum ... now after reading more and more I'm getting a little discouraged. I already have everything except Opus, TouchScreen, GPS and GPS software.

    Guess my alternative is to buy a tablet PC off a friend. Then fabricate some mount for it. (Yeah with tablets you need to use a stylus ... )

    Plan was:
    7" Touch Screen
    Opus 150W
    1200 Duron
    nForce2 IGP MircoATX
    20Gig 5400 3.5" Slim and Quiet for Data
    WinXP Embeded (or XP Pro w/ReadyOn) ReadOnly boot from 512CF
    RF Modulator (If I can't hook dirrectly into the Volkswagen Passat's "Monsoon" Soundsystem)
    Good GPS USB Unit (Undecided on GPS Software)

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    Stop trippin' and bite the bullet. Get a Xenarc for quality or a Lilliput for Cost. I have a lilliput and it is a little touchy but it works fine.
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      Originally posted by antimatter
      Stop trippin' and bite the bullet. Get a Xenarc for quality or a Lilliput for Cost.

      Just for reference, however, my friend has a Lilliput (which I also borrowed and used in my car) and after seeing my Xenarc, he's wishing he never spent the money on the Lilliput (the touchscreen gave way after about 4 months) and is now saving up for a Xenarc, wishing he'd got that in the beginning (and saved himself £200 in the process)

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