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Clarion EQS744 audio help

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  • Clarion EQS744 audio help

    I have connected this equalizer in hopes of using it as a main volume control for the carputer. However, once I connect the unit to the pc's sound card, all I hear is noise. Does anyone know whether or not this unit works with the carputer setup? If so, what am I doing wrong?

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    How exactly are you hooking it up to the carputer


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      I used this EQ. Worked fine for me. Are you sure you have everything hooked up correctly? No ouput plugged into an input, etc?
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        Basically, the way I hooked the equalizer is through the 1/8" to rca adapter and the power is hooked up directly to the wire hunter of my hu and the clarion to the amp. Should I be powering it differently, maybe through the cigerette lighter?....I have tried different combinations of where the rca's should be, none of which work.