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Installing a touchscreen in a Toyota Surf / 4Runner

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  • Installing a touchscreen in a Toyota Surf / 4Runner

    G'day from Canberra.

    I am (obviously) new to the forum, and am starting to think about putting ar CarPuter in my 1994 Toyota Surf.

    In the US, this is called a 4Runner, as it used to be in the Australia until around 1995, when Toyota made the miraculously stupid decision to cease selling them here - it took several years before they replaced them with the 'Prado'. However, some enterprising individuals started importing second-hand 'Surfs' from Japan. Since then they have taken on quite a cult following here. The main owner association established here is (both the formal name and the web address).

    Anyway, on to my 'problem'. I am building a frame for the rear cargo area to carry the camping fridge and other gear, and will mount a computer into some 'dead' space over the wheel arch. From much looking around on this fantastic site, I have identified all of the hardware options (including wireless keyboards and so on). There is a company here that produces a single-DIN in dash version, but they want over AUD$4500 (around $3k in greenbacks), so I am probably going to import from the US or build my own.

    What I have not been able to get my head around is WHERE TO PUT THE (touch) SCREEN. I would settle for a 7" model, but my preference is 8". I have seen some very proffesional jobs on this site, including in later model 4Runners. However my dash is a little older than any I have seen here.

    (Obviously excuse the fact that mine is the 'right way around'.

    I have considered closing off the centre vents and putting it in there. I have also thought about a 'slide out' single DIN 7" under the stereo (which will stay as the audio amp), but am not aware of a slide out that handles computer/VGA.

    So, there's my story and my plea for assistance. Any ideas from the guys who have done it is appreciated - photos of an installation in a 90-94 4Runner GREATLY appreciated - 95 and onwards 4Runner in the US has a very different dash.

    Thanks again, and thanks for the help the site has already given me just in having a look around.


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    Check Digitalww (Armen) for a single DIN case that can house a 7" Xenarc or Lilliput. It's been discussed in these forums MANY times.

    Another choice might be to fab it into your driver's side door, angled to face you.
    2004 4runner


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      Rando, I have to admit I have been drooling over your setup. I love the way you have been able to integrate into the centre of the dash. I am secretly hoping for a miracle that somebody has done something that will let me replicate that.

      I am thinking about remoting the face of my head unit, and having the screen mounted over the double DIN slot. I figure you have 4 wheel coil suspension - mine is set up a little bit harsher with torsion bar front end, and having cracked my GPS mount I am not keen on an in-dash option becasue I do not know how it will cope with shock. I want to be able to use the screen off-road for the nav software - OziExplorer .



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        Anzac, nice Surf! I bought an old 86 Toyota Truck off my dad. That 4x4 was a beast... I miss her.

        What if you moved your headunit down to where your ashtray is located, then put the screen up there where the head used to be?


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          Head Unit


          Thanks. Its my second Surf (last one was an 88, before that I had an 89 4Runner and earlier on an 86 4 Runner! All diesels. The nice thing about the Surf is that it's a Turbo, the blue one is a 3.0L Turbo.

          Have been looking at exactly that tonight, though what I am thinking is actually of leaving the head unit there, but remoting the (removable) face HIGHER, not lower. Thinking of putting a binnacle on top of the dash like the old model 4Runner with the angle measurements, and putting the removeable face up there.



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            Thanks for the compliment. Peronsally, I think my setup still needs some improvement.

            I have no idea if the in-dash housing could hold up to spirited off road abuse. This will be an issue for more than just your screen but the entire system especially the cpu/chipset heat sinks and obviously the hard disk(s).

            By looking at your pictures, it looks like there are only two panels that make up your console. There is the lower gray panel that runs under the console and steering wheel and then the dark black panel that surround the center console and instrument cluster. Is that right? In that case, you probably need to decide which of the two (or both) you plan to cut/modify.

            I have a 92 Toyota pickup that has he same dash (flipped around) as your 4R. If you ditch your head unit, you should be able to flush mount a 7" screen the same way I did -- though you'll need to double check the spacing. There's NO WAY an 8" will fit in there unless you do some cutting. Fortunately, there appears to be enough space between the OEM radio opening and the light gray panels (i.e. the OEM radio bezel) to make it fit. You can probably just lightly trim that area and then you'd be all set. Of course you'd still need an amp and a radio card and/or have to relocate your HU somewhere else within reach (maybe that useless little storage cubby below the center console. that thing pops off IIRC).
            2004 4runner


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              I have a 94 runner also. I am going to do the install very very similar to Rando's. I have measured it out and if you cut down the Lilliput like Rando did it will be a perfect fit into the double din slot. I am hoping to start hacking it up this weekend. I will take some before and after pics


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                Good luck johnnyU!
                2004 4runner


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                  hey mate,, i got a 95 hilux with the very same intiror (minus the power window buttons) and ive got a indash screen with my cd player under it.
                  i would have liked to mount one in the dash but i didnt wana hack into my dash.
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                    7" in the Toyota

                    Would like to see some images of your setup if you have the chance.

                    I am looking at mounting a 7" touch flush across the double-DIN, and remoting the front face of my JVC H/U down lower, with the remainder of the H/U behind the screen. The PC will be in the luggage area, mounted in some dead space on the side of the storage compartment.


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                      yeah i will get some photo's

                      that was my plan, to have the screen in the double din area and then put my head unit down below.. but i couldnt be bothered with all the custom work need.. it's taken me long enuf to get to the stage im at now.

                      i havent got much storage room in mine at all being a ute.. ive had to put an amp under the drivers seat and the laptop will be going under the other seat
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                        what are the 3 switches to the right of ur air con controllS?
                        and whats the switch under the hazard lights??

                        ive always wondered whats ment to go in these spots.. ive just got the blaking plates..

                        and what engines urs got??
                        a mates looking for a 2.4 TD surf atm. just wondering how they go?
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                          2.4D Surfs

                          I've heard really bad things about the engines gaskets on the 2.4s, I would steer well clear and go for a 3.0D. Well that is for the UK.

                 or are a great place for info.

                          I do like the look of them though, could do with some 20's or 22's in my opinion, but I rarely go offroad!



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                            Switches and Engines

                            Mines a 30. TD. I had an '88 model for two years, with the 2.4TD 9 though it was basically an Oz 2LT engine with a Turbo, versus the 2.4 EFI Turbo Diesel in the early 90's model Surfs. Had no problems.

                            But having now driven the 30.o, they are worlds apart. The 1KZTE engine (3.0) is pretty much a Prado engine les sthe intercooler.

                            Tell your friend to spend the few extra dollars and get the 3 litre. Harder to find in a manual though - most of the ones on the market are auto (in fact, I bought mine in Melbourne).


                            Left of the A/C is the clock (though it was the same - my brother has the same model as yours). Below the hazad switch is a rear window demister switch.



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                              i had a drive of one tonight.. thr 2.4. not to bad.. not fast (neither is mine) but u can really feel the turbo coming into action.. the 3lt are still going for over 15 and he is only wants to spend max of 13..

                              urs brothers might be the SR5 hilux with all the little extra's
                              does urs have the suspension ride control?
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