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    I am new here and have a couple of questions before I jump on this project. I am trying to make this as cheap as possible since I am a broke college student . Where can I buy these items? This is what I have in mind so far, what am I missing? I am trying to keep it basic.

    Epia M10000- Planning to purchase off eBay.

    Lillipup 7" touchscreen - also planning to purchase off eBay. good idea?

    Opus power supply - where can I purchase? how much is it? is there a cheaper alternative?

    Slim DVD drive- can get anywhere

    Maxtor 60gig IDE hdd

    What case will fit the Epia mobo and small enough to fit in my glove?

    What do I need to give the computer time to shutdown?

    Am I missing anything else? About how much will this hit my wallet? THANKS!!

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    Hey, a fellow Luder!

    From what I understand, the Opus has a shutdown dohickey in it.

    You can either build your own case to fit the glove box OR do a search for Mini ITX cases. They range from cubes to thin DVD/VCR case things.


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      The Mp3car store has the Lilliput and the OPUS power supplies. Good luck with your project and welcome to the hobby.


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        Think we need a auto reply to all newbies asking the same question with a search.

        Or better yet, have plenty stickys on a section call Carputer for Dummies. Wait, I think "for Dummies" is copywrited.

        But to answer your question in short.

        M10000 pretty cheap compared to what it used to cost a few months ago. Ebay is fine.

        Lilliput... unless you're fine with warranty in question, ebay is fine.

        Opus PSU... Mp3car(dot)com sells them here. Cheaper alternative, sure. but you'll have to put more muscle grease in it. If you don't mind, then go with the alternative, if lazy as me, opus is fine. gonna cost you $200

        Slim drive is fine, you'll need to buy an adapter for it too. So don't forget about that.

        Depending on how much you're planning to put in it..60 is fine.

        My glovebox is too small to fit any case. I just lay them in it like a puzzle box.

        How much exactly are you willing to spend?

        (doing the high end of the price, price WILL be lower)

        Opus = ~$200
        M10k = ~$200
        Lilliput = ~$250
        CD-ROM = ~$75
        HD = ~$80
        don't forget RAM
        512mb = ~$100

        Total base price = $825
        This is not including input devices, nor GPS

        Of course your project should be much less... Recycle parts, bargain stores, ebay, etc will all drive the price down. But don't expect a $500 drop.


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          Hey LowMileLude, how do you have your setup?

          Just perfect, I am planning to sell my Pioneer 7" in dash. does mp3car offer warantee on the lilliput?

          nl4jy- you stated you layed everything down like a puzzle. How did you mount it? Can you please explain this a little bit more? thanks!

          Thanks for clearing up my questions guys. I wanted to research a bit before I threw my hands in mud.


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            Yes, anything mp3car sells have warranty. You can talk to the owner, he's here all the time.

            Now about my puzzle glovebox.

            The following is in my glovebox:
            Opus 150
            WD 80GB HD
            Bunch of wires

            I did not screw anything in nor did I cut anything out.
            I place the board as flat as possible in my Glovebox.
            The HD to the right of it... Also very tight fit.
            Opus above the MB. Also a very tight fit.
            The Opus frame is actually touching the PS2, Parallel housing. I had to jam it in a certain way to fit. The Opus fan is facing the MB. Wires are just shoved into where ever I see a opening.

            Airflow??? I have no idea. As long as it's not melting. I'm okay with it. It does get a little warm in it. But in the Summer, I'll have AC inside the cabin.

            I have the Toyota Rav4 2000. The earlier model. Not the new version you see today. So if you know someone that has 1. You can see how much space I had to work with.


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              I don't have mine set up yet... still a noob too I've got parts and peices but I'm looking at getting some new stuff here and there.


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                Correct me if im wrong, so if I purchase an Opus, I dont need an ITPS?


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                  Originally posted by Luderboy
                  Correct me if im wrong, so if I purchase an Opus, I dont need an ITPS?
                  thats right
                  AMD XP 2000+ 512Mb Ram MB:A-7VM400AM-RZ
                  Zenarc 700TSV Netgear USB WiFi GPS Opus 150
                  Running Win XP, FP, MM