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  • what are my possibilities

    ok just to say hi im new(obviously) my name is luke and i have a 1993 honda del sol,i want car puter but not just any carputer i want on that pushes the limits of technology. now as a diclaimer i know i must research and look up brands and such,the reason for this post is to relize if my dream is possible.
    ok now that that is over.Iwant a true smart car,i know its been posted before but lets see what happens
    This is What i want in the car:
    The Carputer of course
    a DVD drive
    Wifi internet connection
    a atleast 7" touch screen VGA
    i want to intergrate a Palm to be used as the remote and transporter of info
    i will proably run windows
    i want to intergrate a alarm system into the system,this is where it gets tricky
    i want the system to be able to roll up the windows lock the doors and turn the car on and other stuff that the newer systems can do
    i want ot incorporate a camera
    possibly a game system
    i Want voice recongnition
    and i want ot be able to control the car threw the palm or maybe a call froma cell phone i am not sure if that is even possibly
    all will be hooked to my audio system
    i want mp3 cabibilites
    engine mananment/observation

    i am willing to revamp my car for this project
    Warn you this is all thoery and im not really on a budget im young work 2 jobs and have some money saved up this would be a on going project
    i am not a genious when it comes to computer but my brother is so thats solved
    basically what i am asking is this possible and is there anything you would add for the system to do thanks luke
    S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
    car of the future, you will all see

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    Yes, it is all possible and most of it (I think everything other than calling the caputer from a cell phone to control it) has been done by people in here.
    1.6GHz HP e-PC, 768MB RAM, 120GB WD HDD, Slim DVD-ROM, Onboard sound & video, 7" Lilliput, USB GPS Mouse, Audiovox FM Modulator, Vector 400 Watt Power Inverter, Windows XP Pro SP2, iGuidance 2, 15" Samsung LCD for the rear *Carputer not installed*


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      Anything is possible if you throw enough money and time at it. Most of what you want is going to boil down to software. If you can write your own you'll be one step ahead since most of it probably hasn't been written yet.


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        im into show cars this is why i want to do this,ya know custom somethign new extraordinary,and you say every thing has been done already good to hear ill start researching and post upa list of pruducts as soon as find it all (this might take a while)thanks you for the info
        any possibly i would like to see what all of you would add so lets see it or how you would go about it
        S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
        car of the future, you will all see


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          It is possible to controll the alarm from your cell phone. You have 3 options:

          1) Install the Audiovox APS-996 Alarm and get the audiovox telematic module. It allows you to call the car and remote start, lock/unlock, etc. However, you will need to use a serial controlled relay board to control the alarm from the computer. All of the features you want to use will have to be wired from the relay board to the alarm module.

          2) GuidePoint. Its a service like onStar but its free. Prices start at i think $800. It lets you lock/unlock and remote start from a service number that you call. I think you are limited to 6 times a month to use it, but it does offer GPS tracking of your vehicle (not like crappy loJack) if it is stolen. An alarm will also need to be installed and wired to computer like I said above.

          3) Clifford. No phone control that I know of. But they make the best alarms on the market as far as I am concerned. They are the most capable and expandable. Best of all... the alarm will connect to the computer via a module and a serial cable from clifford. The module does every thing you stated in your post... just no phone control.

          Good luck.
          1997/Honda/Civic HB


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            the screen:
            the mother board:
            the gps:Iguidance 2.0
            Gps mouse:
            power supply:
            S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
            car of the future, you will all see


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              using th wifi in the palm i can have internetso problem solved there
              with the alarm system i think ill do the clifford ill have to look into features
              i want to use mediacar,just wandering if that would cover all of my needs
              (i have a honda and not to sound gitty like a school girl but holy crappola i love the "h" in the middle)
              i dont think i'll put in a game system to much extra work
              i have obd1 so i cant do engine magaement *** far as i know ill do more research on it
              dvd drive:
              clifford system:
              what else do i need
              S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
              car of the future, you will all see


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                do i have a big enough MB and memory if not what is the logical upgrade
                S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
                car of the future, you will all see


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                  ok ok so after comparing i think im going with this, so far, set-up
                  Mobo:219$ 94&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
                  screen:250$ 814&rd=1
                  RAM:75$ 007&rd=1
                  power supply:200$
                  Hard drive:100$ 110&rd=1
                  DVD Drive:90$ 661&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
                  pocketPC:200$ 005&rd=1
                  security system:N/A
                  GPS mouse:45$ 20&rd=1
                  GPS SoftWare:110$
                  wifi antenna/card:90$

                  with all this i will be using windows XP home and windows SE on the Pocket PC
                  was just wandering any crtique on this system being that the total cost right now(not including wires and all the other lil stiff) is Drum roll please 1379 so a 1400 system not to bad
                  S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
                  car of the future, you will all see


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                    And to Explain how the System will work=
                    .i will use windows XP as my operating system
                    .Mediacar as my organizer
                    .i will war drive the wifi so i will need to get software for that
                    .the gps is mainly self explanitory
                    .the alarm system actually works with window to control and alter it
                    .the Pocket PC will be to transfer files and portably wifi and possibly with the wifi control the car alarm system
                    .my main concern well two main concerns
                    1. will i have enough usb ports
                    2. will i have enough RAM and memoery and computing power
                    .all of this is going in my glove box and behind my seats(1993 Honda Del Sol)
                    .install is going to be done by me and my brother(a computer tech and a big nerd)
                    .i have 2 glove=ox like compartments so no problem there
                    .i am not sure where to mount the 2 more antenni without them sticking out like a sore thumb
                    .i know prices will change and i might pick and swap new components but for now this is it
                    .all will be hook up to my NEW pioneer DEH-7600MP HU and i have RockfordFosgate all around
                    .any comments are very welcome
                    .anything you would change please tell me
                    .and any more ideas on what to add to make it a real "smart car"
                    S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
                    car of the future, you will all see