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  • RAM for M10000 Nehemiah

    I just ordered my M10000 yesterday and im in the market for some RAM. What type of ram is ideal for the M10000 Nehemiah? What kind do you use? Ive seen sooo many different types and companies on the internet. I dont know where to start. What is the difference between registered, unbuffered, and DDr2? Im a total RAM newb. Please help!

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    Didn't your Mobo come with a spec sheet of sorts? I'm sure people have been using 256 DDR's
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      Registered Ram is ECC. It has an error-checking whosit onboard so that it checks the validity of the stored info when it gets accessed. This is mainly for servers, and you cant use ECC memory in non ECC boards :P but dont worry, ECC memory is quite clearly marked as being such, and it's fricking expensive. (though not quite as expensive as the RAM in my desktop )

      i dont know what buffering is, and since i dont, you dont need to know either. i've built many systems and never had a problem with any of them.

      the M10000 uses pc2100 DDR memory. i'd advise you to either get a 256 or 512 mb stick of one of the big brands. Kingston, Corsair, or Mushkin. I'd reccommend crucial, but people have had problems with crucial memory in itx boards. crucial makes awesome memory, but sometimes it doesnt play well with via boards. so kingston, corsair, or mushkin.

      dont worry about latencies, get the cheapest memory you can from any of those 3, so long as it meets or exceeds pc2100 specs.

      In regards to memory speeds, the memory doesnt have a clock on it to tell it it's going too slow, as mem speed is set by the FSB (which also controls the processor speed). So, you buy whatever memory you need so long as it meets or exceeds the fsb rating you intend to run it at. in this case, pc2100. so you can get pc2100, pc2700, or pc3200 DDR. whichever is cheapest. dont be suprised, when pc3200 is cheaper than 2100... that happened to me a few weeks ago when i was in the market for memory lol.

      alright, got it?


      oh.. and just in case you wanna make yourself future-resistant, buy pc3200 RAM.


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        thanks for the help Walleye!

        Would this Kingston be ok?
        KVR266X64C25/512 - Part Detail

        512MB 266MHz DDR PC2100 DIMM CL2.5

        Standard 64M X 64 Non-ECC 266MHz 184-pin Unbuffered DIMM (SDRAM-DDR, 2.5V, CL2.5, Gold) (Datasheet)

        Manufacturer #:

        Form Factor:
        Memory Module

        Pieces Unit:


        $77 shipped

        Is this the correct type of RAM for the M10000? Do you think i could get it for a cheaper price?


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          $44 + shipping from newegg 256mb pc3200ddr:

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            thanks Pip but I was looking for some 512mb RAM. Actually I just ordered the Kingston 512mb from above. It should work. i think =T


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              Non-ECC is important, i learned that the hard way w/ my M10K.
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                does it matter the pin number?? for some reason I am sure that it does. i am finding 184 pin and 200 pin... I have not put together a cpu in like 5 years, back then it was so much easiar, all i had to choose from was pc100 or pc133... help...


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                    Keep in mind that some memory can cause issues when used at slower speeds (happens alot with the boards HP uses, this is from personal experience), so buying PC3200 might not be a good idea (not to mention it's more expensive). I have a Crucial PC2100 256 DDR stick in my M10000 based system and have no issues at all, but I really do want to upgrade to 512, so the memory you got is what I would recommend too.


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                      can 256 run basically all the applications just fine?

                      I mainly am going to use the carpc for the basic navigation, mp3s, dvds, SNES/genesis emulation, and divx/mpeg files.

                      256 or 512?


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                        No problems with 256 at all, but xp runs better with 512 anyways.


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                          the kingston 512mb i have works well with XP... i havent tested the ram fully using more ram demanding software yet.


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                            Originally posted by electron
                            No problems with 256 at all, but xp runs better with 512 anyways.
                            how do you mean better?


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                              Originally posted by bobthebaker
                              how do you mean better?
                              Main Entry: 1bet∑ter
                              Pronunciation: 'be-t&r
                              Function: adjective, comparative of GOOD
                              Etymology: Middle English bettre, from Old English betera; akin to Old English bOt remedy, Sanskrit bhadra fortunate
                              1 : greater than half
                              2 : improved in health or mental attitude
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                              5 : improved in accuracy or performance

                              I suspect he means....better.
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