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Advice on a Setup (kinda long)

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  • Advice on a Setup (kinda long)

    ive got a few quick questions here about what to build my carputer for. also may add xbox or build the comp for gaming depending on pros/cons and cash.

    1. i wanted to know what is an adequate amount of memory, speed, and video card power to clearly run dvds divx and to be able to store them on the comp. and run them at a high quality playback?

    2. would i be better off to build a carputer for sound and mp3's and connect it to an aftermarket dvd player?

    this setup is designed for games, movies and music. is it overboard or can it be done cheaper and/or better.

    MoBo: ASUS p4S800 $66.00

    Ram: Kingston 184 pin 512MB PC3200 $80.00

    HDD: Maxtor 200Gb $161.25

    CPU: P4 2.4GHz $124.00

    Video: ATI Radeon 9600 $139.00

    Audio: SB Audigy $72.49

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    you probably don't have any replies to this b/c the things you asked about are very general in nature, and would have to be answered based upon application, personal choice, etc.

    Best thing to do is, before buying anything, look at your set-up and pick out the weak points, and either upgrade them, or be prepared to do so when you test out of the car.

    Your hard drive, CPU, M/b, and memory seem pretty adequate. The vid card may be overkill but that is just one opinion. Trying to play games on a carPC is not safe, useful, or wise IMHO. The video card in 3d will draw a lot of power, and get hot. You'll have to overcome both of those things to do this, and I know the lack of power will be a biggie. Besides that a car is not the optimal place to play games. Where will you be putting your mouse and keyboard so you can play? Simple games like MS Hearts ya, but a 3d shooter, or any other 3d game, is not going to be very enjoyable.

    Just my .02.

    Narrow down your questions and place them in the appropriate groups will get you better answers.

    Good luck.


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      First, ask yourself what type of power supply you are using for your setup.
      Once you figure out which one you will be using and it capacity, go buy your hardware that the power supply can run those hardwares.
      As for playing game in the car, sorry but that is a dump thing to do. Of course not while driving, but the monitor is tiny if you are not using one of those desktop LCD. The game capable videocard (for games these days) required a lot of power which generate a lot of heat, and will the power supply provide that kind of power the PC need.
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        If you are going to go xbox for games anyway.. You will need to redo power for that (inverter maybe?) save the money from the carputer (probably a very unpopular opinion around here) and get 3 things.. Your lcd (just a tv based one, think bigger and cheaper than a liliput), a bigger hard drive, and a mod chip..

        XBMC and you are done.. unless you want gps, If so you could always use linux, again booting off the modded xbox.