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  • BMW E32 plans

    Hi all,

    Been browsing the forums for the last week or so after stumbling across this site whilst ing for an MP3 head unit! I fear I am now hooked on the idea of installing a PC in my car. I have a 1989 BMW E32 735il. So a nice BIG platform to start from.

    Here's my idea.

    I have an Athlon 1.4ghz system gathering dust since I upgraded to an Athlon64 so I plan to use that.
    - 1.4ghz CPU
    - 40GB seagate HD
    - GeForce4 64mb graphics
    - USB 2.0 card
    - TV tuner (may rip this out)
    - Onboard sound

    - Lilliput VGA touchscreen. These are pricey here in New Zealand so I plan to buy one off Ebay. Cheapest deal I can see is this guy
    - Mounted in the open space in front of the shifter. I'll make a wooden housing to mount it into, to match the existing wood trim.

    - I've got a USB GPS Mouse on the way, to mount on the rear parcel shelf. Or perhaps the front, as the rear window has the radio aerial which may mess up the reception.

    IR Reverse Camera
    - This camera is on the way as well.
    - mounted either in the rear window or on a bracket below the bumper.
    - RCA lead straight to the screen.. OR to the PC if I keep the TV tuner card.

    - ATI Remote Wonder
    - Slimline Keyboard in the glove box (maybe)
    - Touchscreen

    Power Source
    - Inverter. This one from a local store looks like it might do the job.

    I have a Belkin Tunecast FM transmitter so I'll use that to start with, but I have a feeling it will become inadequate pretty quickly. I'll look out for a head unit with an AUX input.

    Internet Access
    - Cheap PCI Wifi card to allow remote access via VNC when I'm parked up at home
    - Bluetooth dongle to interface to my T68i for GPRS

    All advice and comments appreciated!

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