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  • hardware setup

    i finally have decided to start my project.
    this is what im planning to install and i was hoping that you guys could give me an opinion. maybe i forgot something...

    VIA EPIA M10000 with OPUS 90W PSU plus the usual components (havent decided yet, what exactly..)
    lilliput 7'' touchsscreen
    a standard FM-modulator so i can keep the stock stereo
    USB hub (any power issues there?)
    a GPS-mouse
    keyboard/mouse of some sort (small, wireless)
    WLAN (USB i guess)
    and maybe a webcam thats mounted looking outside the rear bumper for parking...

    i dont know what i want to use as a case. im planing on puttin everything cept the screen in the glove-compartment because its quite big. but all the barebone-cases would still take away too much room.

    so, thats basically it. thanks for any comments

    €dit: i just found this:
    it would be cool to hide the screen.
    anybody have experience with this? (ok, ill do a search )

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    Just to comment. If you care about sound quality at all get rid of the FM modulator. Try to figure out an AUX. input. What kind of hub are you using? USB 1 or 2? USB hubs usually get a 5V input. If that's the case then you should be able to tap into the PSU 5V line and power it that way. On the keyboard. I would recomend a RF one and not an IR one if you get a wireless setup. You'll thank me later.
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