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  • Putting My System In this!

    At the far right end is where the lilliput will be fiberglass'd into, under that will be a full size optical dvd reader cd/rw (black) and under that modded 3 coolermaster black, red backlight gauges monitoring cpu temp, psu ouput voltage and sound pressure. in the arm rest itself will be the actual PC, and the headphone input jacks will be placed in the back of the armrest where the ford stock inputs are, keeping it clean, and as stock as possible the front and back of the armrest will a 5x5mm fan respectivly ! thanks for lookin, wont have pics for awhile, alot of fiberglassing (my first time) and box building, also have to order alot.. will be lots of work and near to... a total of.. 1.3k $$$. thats including my brand new 15" and amp 800 watts rms.. it'll be an adventure. want to make sure i have everything right and take input before i actualy start though! thanks