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  • Need help getting started

    Hi guys/girls,
    I finally got my Epia M10000. I need your help setting up this board. Ive searched the mp3car forums and viaarena forums with no luck. Im sure your advice could help alot of newbies.

    Right now Im running my 2nd harddrive on my Dell computer. I have linux mandrake on it. The primary drive has windows XP. I want to use the 2nd dirve, "linux drive", for the M10000. What i want to know can I remove and reformat the linux drive? I believe this linux drive also has the Mandrake startup file which is activated during boot. It allows me to choose which OS I want to boot up. I want to get rid of this and have my Dell computer just run off the XP drive. And have the 2nd formatted drive on the M10000.

    Ive tried physically taking out the linux drive(30gb) and starting the Dell up from the XP drive. Unfortunately the computer just freezes up. How can I make it automatically start-up in XP without messing anything up?

    I think the Mandrake OS choosing option is screwing something up. Then again Im a newb and dont know much about this.

    PLease help me/us out.

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    have you got a winxp cd? just connect the 2nd hdd to the m10000 (make sure its set as master), and set the bios to boot from cd-rom first. place the XP cd in the driver and boot from it, and then setup windows as per normal.

    as for the dell, does it boot into windows fine with both hdd's attached?


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      you use your winXP boot disk, boot off it, use the 'restore' option, and you should be set.


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        im going to have to look for the XP CD.

        Skorpion-- The computer boots up fine with both drives attached. Once the computer starts it goes to this OS boot screen. It lets me choose between XP and linux. The boot screen is controlled by Linux mandrake.


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          if theres a way to remove that 'boot screen' or boot selector, than do that, and set the primary boot device to the drive with winXP, and you should'nt have any problems


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            finally got it. Fixed mbr with windows CD. Now I need to optomize the BIOS. Any suggestions or links I should refer to? I also confirmed my machine M10000 was a via with a chipset reader. For some reason WInXP shows me i have 480mbRAM in the system, but i actually installed 512mb. Anyone know why this is happening? what could i do to fix it?


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              It's called onboard video.


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                oh cool i didnt know that. thanks. ...Any BIOS tweaks I should consider?


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                  if you search around theres all sorts of ways to make your PC boot faster by changing the BIOS