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  • One more from Portugal


    I'm 19, and i'm from Portugal.

    i'm thinking of mounting a carpc... the only problem is that I don't have a car, i drive my parents car. One is a Mazda 3 and other is a Volvo S80.

    Well but I can start thinking on it, so when I have my own car it's everything planned.

    To computer i'm thinking in use a old laptop. That's a Acer TravelMate 525 TE. P3 700mHz, 256 mb ram and 60Gb hard drive.

    It will be running Media Engine.

    I will need a monitor with touchscreen, a gps antena and gps software with protugal maps (Destinator?), and obviously, a car, eheh.

    What 7" monitor w/ touchscreen do you think has the best quality/price relation? Is the SP7 a good buy?

    And to finish, what about tv solutions? About this i haven't seach anything yet...

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Levi, I lived in the Algarve for 2 years, awesome place (at the time)
    Most people here use a Lilliput (I do) or a Xenarc. The Xenarc being pricier (but better?) Look around the threads, If money is no object, get the Xenarc. As for tv solutions............????huh???????, E-Cig Mods
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