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How do u know my headunit can hooh up to a computer?

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  • How do u know my headunit can hooh up to a computer?

    OK love the site and i am learing alot...
    I have an Alpine headunit
    and i am not sure if i can hook anything to the headunit.... how can i tell???? right now i have subs hook in to it.... thanks
    Carputer progress meter:[|---------] 10% done
    1995 Chevrolet ext Cab 1500 4x4
    Headunit: Alpine CDA-9820XM
    Subs: 2 10" Orion P10D4
    Amp: Directed 1100D

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    Hmm... It says "optional auxiliary input"... If you have the auxiliary input, you'll have an input jack on the back of your headunit to hook the line out of the computer straight in to. This gives by far the best quality.

    If you don't have an aux. input, you could get a tape adapter or an FM radio mod. to input audio into (at a sacrifice of quality). You might also be able to tap into the CD changer input...

    I'll let someone with a bit more audio knowledge than me answer this for you
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      you need this,

      run rca cables to your computer from it


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        Alpine KCA-121B Male Right Angle Ai-Net to Female RCA Ca
        Mine needs to be updated.