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Controling AC/Heater controls VIA CarPC

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  • Controling AC/Heater controls VIA CarPC

    Im not sure where to post here goes...

    My idea is to use a meter to get the different voltage ranges that the controls for the AC/Heater and then duplicate those using software on a computer and possibly output them through LTP/Serial ports into a custom made plug for the controls. I have a Scion xB and the controls get on my nerves, i could put something else there if it wasn't for them. and i figured since i had a carpc, why not try to control the functions with that.

    It doesn't seem like its a hard not sure how to begin though.

    If you had a temperature probe to ....lets say...your headliner you can wire that to the computer as well and have a digital thermostat keeping the temperate at...lets say....a set 73 degrees, where the heater/airconditioner will kick on when the temperature changes....any input/comments/hate would be apperciated. Thanks.

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    I wouldn't have a clue how to do do you like the xB? I love those! Everyone I talk to think they are ugly, I think they rock. Are they as gutless as I've heard?


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      yea...they're great....handling is good and overall the possiblilites are endless and there is so much room in there....ill have links to some pics in my sig shortly.


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        I'm pretty sure that the A/C controls are digital, so you can't just send a different voltage and get an effect.

        Also, you got a lawnmower engine
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          It's has been mentioned quite a lot here!!!

          check for serial/usb relay cards or input/output cards..


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            check the irc chat, a guy on there had his working, was thinking of selling a unit that would do this.
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              do you know what network/channel?


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                its at the link at the bottom of the page that says mp3car irc