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My plans, any problems with them?

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  • My plans, any problems with them?

    Ok, after months of & , not asking questions thats been asked 1,000 times and reading probably every topic here I've finally come up with a possible config. for my Explorer. Have a couple of questions.

    Haven't decided on most of the hardware brands/models yet, that will come soon.

    1) Will the 12v Relay/12v On/Off switch combo I'm planning work? Or am I totally wrong with the idea on how this works? (remember, I'm new, take it easy on me pleeease )

    2) I've read the longest IDE cable is like 2ft. Is that true? My PC will be in the glovebox and would love the CD/DVD to be in the center dash but the IDE cable required would certainly be more (not much) than 2 ft.

    3) Are there any major problems/conflicts with my wiring?

    4) Do USB Soundcards (Audigy 2 NX?) have a Audio In (besides those coming from the PC)? If so, can I wire the PS2 directly to it so sound comes out of the "system" instead of going the FM Modulator route?

    Ok, here's the plans I have so far. Please take a look and if need be, rip me apart on all the stupid mistakes. I'd rather learn now than after hooking it all up and finding out it doesn't work (or worse, blow-up the SUV).