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  • Media Car help

    this is probably a big newb question, but how do i get media car to go full screen cuz it only covers about half the screen? and i downloaded a brushed aluminum skin but i cant get to work either.... Any help will be appreciated...

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    you have to go to the media car set up and chang the resolution to whatever you have your desktop at, as for the skin I cant get them to work either!!
    2-15" ILO lcd w/DVI
    6800 gt Duel DVI out
    p4 1.6ghz flex atx board
    1gb 400 ram
    120gb(2-60gb raid) sata hd
    2-60gb hotswap
    WIN2K Pro SP2
    M.A.M.E. w/2,300 games
    CARPuter info


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      How do i go back to the setup do i have to uninstall and then reinstall eveything? or can i go to a properties menyu or something?


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        If your using windows. click on START, then its in the program files under coyote MEDIACAR. in there u should find a setup file.