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Piecing my carputer together....have some questions

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  • Piecing my carputer together....have some questions

    I have a 95 Mazda rx7 TT. I am going to put the lilliput 7inch screen into the double din. I am not going to be running a h/u at all. I am kind of familiar with computers, as I just have built several home ones, that are very high end and usually water cooled. Anyways, I have 2 speakers to power, and 2 subs, which equals 2 amps. Not sure how that works, do I need the wire that will give out two RCA inputs, and where does that connect to? The line out of the sound card right? Also I am wondering if the opus 150 watt solutinon will be enough, here is what I want to accomplish.....

    Playing MP3's and DVD's
    ems system(non important right now)

    I want this to be a full pledge sound system, something thats really going to kick. Money is really not an issue at this point, want to keep it under 2k. I am unfamiliar with what type of cables I am going to be running, I search and everyone says make sure you dont forget about the cables, any special types of cables besides what you usually need for a computer..... Also could anyone reccomend me what type of mobo I need, and how fast of a processor do I need, for what Im looking to do... I know its kind of briend..but I appreciate any help I can get.

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    Get a Xenarc, not a Lilliput. In my experience and opinion, they are better than the Lilliput (especially if it is going to be mounted where there is some sunlight hitting the screen - plus the Lilliputs can break just by looking at them funny )

    They are available right here on MP3Car. So is the Opus 150W, which will more than likely be fine. People here are running 3.2GHz P4's from the 150W Opus!

    I recommend something along the lines of a nForce2 mATX board and an XP processor (1700+/2500+), 256mb-512mb RAM, and a non-fluid bearing harddrive (unfortunately these are becoming harder to find - i have had a fluid bearing give up on me last winter, replaced it with a sleeve bearing and it's been fine since)

    From computer, you will take a 3.5mm to RCA cable, then you can just split it into the two amps.

    All the other computer parts/cables are all standard

    Any more questions, just ask

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E