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HOWTO for Lilliput Touch Screen for Linux

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  • HOWTO for Lilliput Touch Screen for Linux

    Has anyone posted or does anyone know where I can find a HOWTO guide on getting my Lilliput w/ USB-touch working in FC2 - 2.6.5. I have found bits of info here and there, but nothing from plugging it in through getting the touchscreen working. Any assitance or guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    support in fedora core 2

    Inotouch now provides an install for fedora core 2. I think that is what you are looking for (

    Another possibility is to use the egalax driver written by Daniel Ritz which got is way into the 2.6.6 kernel or to patch your kernel with the egalax patch ( You will need the evtouch driver to make the touchscreen work in X11 as described in the mini-howto.txt.

    Both solutions worked fine for me (inotouch driver on 2.6.6 kernel and egalax driver on 2.4.27-xbox kernel). Only note that calibration of the touchscreen can only be done with the inotouch drivers or by doing this on a machine running windows.