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C134, DWW-7VGA and trivial questions

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  • C134, DWW-7VGA and trivial questions

    Hi, first of all sorry for my english...
    I´m a "Newbie" in these matters. I have a Volkswagen Passat with 2 din slots occuped by the radio-cassette and the 6 CD-Changer. The problem, you know, is the media capabilities of this system. I´ve been searching a lot and I´ve encountered the solution for all my problems ¡¡¡ Car PC!!!.
    With all the information, I've eleborated my own Car PC and I need some help with some questions.
    I think the most suitable system for my car is a Casetronic/Travla C134 as main unit (Via Epia M1000, 512 DDR RAM, HD 80 GB Slim, DVD Slim) inserted in one of the DINs and a DWW-7VGA from digitalWW as touch screen monitor in the other DIN. The questions are:
    Do I need any type of power supply or estabilizer for the C134?
    Is the PC configuration enough for playing MP3, DVDs, DivX or Navigate with external USB GPS?
    Will I have problems with the car vibrations and the HD or DVD?
    Anybody knows some finished project like this?
    ...ahhh, ahhh, ahhh...
    Well, by the moment if anyone of you is pleased to answer these questions, I'll be grateful.
    Thank you in all of cases.

    Posible Car PC
    Casetronic/Travla C134 (Via Epia M1000, 512 DDR RAM, HD 80 GB Slim, DVD Slim)
    USB Radio
    Power amplifier 4x70

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    The computer itself is fine. Altough you will need some kind of voltage regulator. I think some of the Travla cases come ready for 12v input, but you still need to stabilize your cars voltage before you put it into the box (OPUS). But you should

    The touch screen you have selected is awesome. You are gonna read alot of debate on these forums between Lilliput (DigitalWW's are Lilliputs) and the Xenarc screens. I've had my Lilliput for a year now, and I love it. But you should

    As for the HD vibration issue.... thats all I'm gonna say. There are alot of hot headed engineers out there willing to argue about this one until doomsday.

    I'm not flaming you, but
    2000 Subaru OBS

    Dell P3 @ 900 Mhz
    7" Lilliput TS w/DigitalWW in-dash mount
    80GB External HD

    I am Zero Bitrate....


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      Thank you for your reply