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  • which case?

    hi, iv been reading you forums and you seem to know wot ur on about so my question is,

    im going to put a pc into my car (saxo VTR 2001) and was wondering which case to use, im prity certain im going to us a OPUS psu. i know tht opus do a mini ITX car effort but its got a 90w PSU and i was thinking that would be abit underpowerd as i want to run,

    ITX mobo with built in video and CPU
    20 gig ish HDD
    128-256 RAM
    and maby wireless LAN

    any ideas?

    o and how would a conect a 7"touch screen tft to the power supply?

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    If you're gonna be running an ITX board, then the 90W OPUS is enough power for you.

    As for hooking up the TS, just use one of the 12V outputs from the OPUS.

    I think the OPUS cases are quite expensive, but you can fit the 90W PSU into quite a few of the mini-ITX cases, such as the Cubid 2688 or 3688, Travla C137, Sereniti 2000 and probably a few more.

    Or, just build a custom enclosure.

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      i was thinking abut a custom case but i want some sort of shock protection since me car is going to be lowerd, and the only case that iv seen with this on is the opus case