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  • ready to head to radioshack

    would someone please tell me what i need to go from the cars antenna to the RCA syle antenna of my FM card.

    I know the car uses 75ohm and the card is 300ohm (or do i have that backwards) and i will need a 300-75 connector..

    but what else?

    i saw that all the connectors there are 2 wre out oneside, and coxial style on the other. what adapters, if made will i need there?

    also if i need to cut and solder something, what do i cut and solder to get everything to fit.

    thanks...i jsut want to make sure i do this correctly!

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    interested in the answer! Hardware hacking articles


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      i used to work at radio shack. u r better off building one your self. its way to complex to buy one, its to much $$
      When in doubt, moo at things.


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        I think that is what he is asking... Hardware hacking articles