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    I think i posted this in the wrong place before. I will try here.

    I saw pimp my ride the other day and I did not get the name of the company that in stalled the computer in the scion. Then again I did not look for it much. Recent I received a copy of car audio mag and they were on the cover and a five page article on their system (don’t know who's *** there kissing but I must be the right one. Then again the product may sell itself as it is doing to me)

    So I started searching the net and found them In many places. I wanted to see what was being said and get some more info. I was going to buy one after seeing a demo at a car audio store but then I saw this site with people making their own kits etc and software like mediaengine etc. Basically I am lost now. It seems like a difficult job to put it together and there system was $2550. Don’t know what to do. I see some people talking good about it here am some saying other things.

    They were on MTV and now on car audio cover which I get in the mail along with 160,000 copies that goes out to people and car audio stores around the country, from what the book claims anyway. Basically now that I see that the company is legitimate I just need to decide if I will buy it or do my own unit. Which I don’t know anything about pc’s.

    I call drivesoft and ask then directly about something’s I read on this site like their interface being kind of simple etc. They said “Drivesoft and well as other companies can’t fire all their ideas at the consumer all at once if you want to succeed. We have may option that we hold back until we see other companies doing the same thing then we release new feature and pull away from the rest until it needs to happen again. You will see interface option later. We have been around since 1998 and we hope to stay around. Also we currently have 18,500 software package sales since MTV that seem to be all working fine as well as our resent rush on the Drivesoft system totaling over 2700 units in the US, Canada and all the way to Europe” So dose this mean they will hold features back from me so they can get more money later…… well I guess I should not complain since this is what most companies do. Their just being honest I guess.

    Should I buy or build? The last time I priced my parts to do it right was about 1900 with every possible option. Dose that sound about right because if so I think I may spend the extra 600 and get the drivesoft unit ready to go with the software.

    Not sure if this is the correct area to post this. Sorry if it is not. Just trying to get answers cause money is burning a hole in my pocket

    i want one now

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    May I suggest you send me the $600 and I will help you build one?

    On a more serious note I think most people will tell you to build your own. Not only will it be cheaper but you won't be limited by someone else's idea of what you need from your system. There's alot of good information on these boards and some pretty good people too should you get stumped just give a call out. The sky really is the limit on what you can hope to ACHIEVE.

    Welcome to the board.


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      Build, Build, Build. I appreciate what they are doing from a business stand point, but it is far more rewarding to do it yourself (DIY)! However, sometimes it is nice to buy and install.... but on this one - You really should build it!.
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        I would also say to build yourself.

        I built mine the "proper" way from what I read on these forums and I haven't had any compaints yet. Been working well for quite a while now and I have also added more and more options as time goes on. (like GPS, wifi etc...)

        With programs like Frodoplayer out now, we probably have interfaces and software that totally kicks *** on what companies like that can do. Plus it is us users that test it and build it, so if more features are requested, they will usually make it in it.

        I've been on these forums for years and not only is it fun and educational to build your own system, but the friendship and camaraderie that is here is incredible. In fact, this is the only forum I really use or go on on a regular basis and I am a web/media developer!! Most people not only try to help others out, but many of us go out of our way to help fellow members out.
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          Build. One: it is cheaper. Two: it is funner. Three it is more customizable. Four: if a part of it breaks you only have to replace the part rather then the whole unit (I know nothing of what the unit is like but I assume this is the case). Five:...... Just build. You won't regret it. You can build a really nice system for a lot less then you paid. I paid about $1000 for mine, perhaps a little less.
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            Yeah, I had seen that episode too. I contacted DriveSoft, and sent them an email about pricing. A system STARTS at $3000. If you want Flash OS, 802.11, XM, OBD-II compatability, etc., the cost can easily go upto $5000. Not to mention the DriveSoft system is about the size of a midtower, although the shape is more ergonomic for a car. So basically, its a home computer, with a $400 touch screen, with a cool case, for a few grand.
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              Just see it yourself. I spent about 1/2 year doing that stuff. Depending on features you want it may be cheaper to build or buy. The biggest trick is the software and controls.
              Also if you need it in dash or in trunk. I just recommend searching this site.

              Good luck.
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                It's pretty obvious that CarAudio is more trying to hype Drivesoft (obviously ) than to promote in-car computers.

                "Some sort of display shoehorned into the instrument panel," "Keyboard and mouse... tethered by its cable," "CDROM drive... cut in somewhere," "Noisy, power hungry and electrically hazardous voltage inverter (is NEEDED)," "Drivesoft, which manufactures a 'true' in-car computing system."

                They're trying to make it seem like your car is going to look like crap before it spontaneously combusts unless you buy Drivesoft's "true" in-car computer (and of course pay a professional installer). And we all know you don't NEED an inverter.

                I realize that pretty much any magazine's priority is to cater to its advertisers (not, as usually assumed, to its readers), but I still don't like that tone. And CarAudio does tutorials in the back sections on fiberglass and such... why not a tutorial on doing your own 12v in-car computer? Oh yeah... I guess I should reference the first line of this paragraph.
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                  i am wondering what software they are using ? its pretty cool


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                    Originally posted by kickercivic1
                    i am wondering what software they are using ? its pretty cool
                    I think it's DriveSoft proprietary software.
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                    ...with a whole bunch of nifty ****... go check it out: VanDomain Page


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                      my *** searched lol


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                        Oh boy! And only $50! What a value!
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                        ...with a whole bunch of nifty ****... go check it out: VanDomain Page


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                          i really dont think $50 is that bad all the option i can think of.


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                            nah its not that great.. they will only sell you a light verson of their software... I think mediacar is the best option for now and .. it's FREE!!!
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                              Drivesoft Info

                              Again I see a few good and bad things being said about us which in all is a good thing. We tell people that do not have the money to try the forums so that’s why we check up on it once I a while.

                              I would like to add a few things about drivesoft.

                              Price is not $3000 and then goes up. Actually, if you had every option we offered it would barley go over 3200. That would be every possible accessory made. Most of our systems that are sold are much less then that. Even after mark up from a retailer you can get something for around $2000. I know that still is kind of pricy but it is all new and warranted product. Our client which mostly the large SUV and high end car drivers would never want to build something own there own. Too much trouble and the learning curve is a little tough for the ordinary guy.

                              We should never try to compare Home Brew with commercial. It is two different animals. As for as our software and some saying that is better well I think that you all should know that we will never put out what we or capable of all at once. Wait until next year and you will see what we mean. Also I think after having over 15,000 copies sold with hardly any tech support needed and people not emailing us every day asking about fixes and updates etc like on many forms is pretty good.

                              Also I see some one said our unit is just a big home PC is a case. PC maybe but not big. Just so you know it is about the size of a 6 disc cd changer. I think that is very fair in size.

                              PSU issues. Do you think that people know all what you guys know about PSU’s? However I remember just a few years ago I was on this forum I everyone had inverters still. We have 12volt since 1998. I am not saying no one else did but I am saying if so, it was only few who did.

                              We are properly licensed, we follow all rules and we spend allot of money on demo cars that appear in show all over the US like at SEMA and CES. We have reps in cities that also need to get paid. Profit is important and we are not ashamed to admit it but we are not making as much as some say. Like saying the product can cost up to $5000. I would not pay that much either.

                              We also make a lot of small parts and a few main parts too. We write drivers that are better then some of the stuff on the market. We take all the fat off of everything and build a real lean system that works day and night with out a problem.

                              Here are some examples:

                              You guys use LCD's some like us but we use higher end components inside like the touch controller. Also like the new LCD that we build in-house that vibrates when you touch the screen so you now when you doing an action. It helps you feel what you’re doing.

                              The XM PCR problem that just arrived last month. We new about that a year ago and designed our own part in waiting for the XM Direct to take over. Unfortunately it is a proprietary part combine with our own drivers to stop people from sniffing the port and doing the things the XM dos not want you to do, which I wish we did not need to do but as I said be for we pay the fees and follow the rules. After we built the XM Escalade for the XM booth at CES last year we had already began that new part. I fact it was the Drivesoft interface the was streaming live video from Washington to Las Vegas along with real time traffic, weather and stock quotes using prototype XM equipment. If there is any doubt I am sure I can find a picture or 2 of that prototype we built.

                              I see where car audio maq made it sound like if you did it yourself it will be ugly and incorrect. We know that is not true. I have seen some very nice work coming out of forums but we all have to say that we have seen some really bad fire hazards too. But that goes with any industry that there are DIYer's involved. Look at Home Depot. Most people shopping there have now Idea what they need and that shows clearly when the screw that house up and then spend more money then they would have in the first place to have someone fix the screw up and the fix the project they started in the first place.

                              Last note:
                              I understand the point some of you are making:

                              Why buy a DELL desktop when you can build and better one on your own for cheaper. I agree I would never buy a off the shelf desktop. I would be disappointed in my self.

                              Or if you have to replace your motor in your car why spend 6000 on some factory motor when you can build and faster one for cheaper.

                              However, not every one can build a desktop PC or and high performance engine and even some who could would not waste their time because maybe their job pays allot more then they could save build it.

                              Again thanks for the good comments and thanks even for the bad ones. It keeps us on our toes.

                              Happy building

                              Drivesoft Support working late to handle over sea’s questions