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Basic electronics and electromechanical tutorials or web sites?

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  • Basic electronics and electromechanical tutorials or web sites?

    I have been lurking for a while and am not quite ready for a carpc. However there are a few things I would like and hope somebody here can point me in the right direction.

    I have a convertible and it is a pain to put all 4 windows up or down. I would like one button that raises or lowers the windows with one touch. For safety I would like the up to stop if it encounters any unneeded interference and reverse kind of like a garage door does.

    A pipe dream would be push button automatic transmission control. Or what I think would be cooler would be a rotary dial that does the same thing P-R-N-D-2-1.

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    I don't think the saftey mechanism you are talking about is possible without huge expense. I just had an alarm fitted which included the function you are talking about. I can remotely close all windows. However, I have to keep my finger on the button. The reason for this is so that I don't let the windows close on anything or anybody. Electric windows are merely motors with a start and end point. There is no feedback during the closing operation from the window itself. Will prb get a lot of people disagreeing with me but I thought I would try and answer.
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      There is feedback from the motors: electric motors draw a lot more current when they stall. This is generally how factory auto-down systems know when to stop. Telling apart stalling because you've reached the top vs something is blocking requires at least one more sensor or timer, but is doable. To rig a system like you're talking is very much possible and without much expense either, I think, but you'll probably require a fair amount of time - more if you have to pick up the skills as you go.


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        System status: in progress


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          Originally posted by Change
          Bump for this. I've found that site very useful over the years.


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            great site, I have been there before when using google, never realized that the site has this much info.


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              Any brand name Alarm windows control module will do. They are load limitted.
              The one I am using for the past couple years made by Viper/DEI 529T/530T. Those are 2 windows. You need one for 4 windows.
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