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Having Troubles with Windows

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  • Having Troubles with Windows

    I am having troubles installing windows with my gateway motherbaord. I was wondering if i were to take hard drive A out of the computer in which i am writing this thread, install hard drive B I intend to usein my carputer, and then install windows on it, put a back in and put b in my carputer mobo, would it boot up? Would it mess up my home computers setup?

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    It should install but all the hardware will be incorrect. Why won't it install? If it is hardware problems then windows still won't be stable if it does work.


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      The answer is no. It wont work. Not with most OS's. Windows XP is registered/activated based on the Processor ID. So it will think you are trying to bypass the activation process. And thats if it even boots. An OS install is mobo dependant. Meaning, it installs certain drivers so that the OS will actually work with the computer. Windows won't even be able to boot because it dosent have the drivers to work with the computer, and it can't install the proper drivers because it can't boot.
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        Re-format the the drive going into the computer. Partition it first of course. Re-install the OS onto the drive using the hardware going into the system. If you can't even get the system to even try to install the OS then I'd say that there is something wrong with the hardware.. trouble shoot that then repeat the steps.
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          I've done it.

          I have transfered an OS this way. Win XP too, though no SP2. Worked one time, did not work another. I may have had a corporate license however. That may have made a difference. I have heard that your best luck is if you have the same number of devices attached, as each adds to some value calculation that will will prevent boot if it is off by too much. I can not confirm this though.

          Concider if this was not possible (or soly dependent on processer ID) you could not upgrade your processer without a complete reinstall...