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    Allright first off I am sorry if this is in the wrong area... my post is over lots of things and this was the only place I could see it fitting.

    Hopefully soon I will be getting a car... and after some exterior work it should look like this...

    Now for the interior... I had the bright idea of installing a computer in the car!

    What I plan to do is to build a fairly cheap small computer that I can mount under the seat (or somewhere in the cab). Then, where the radio usually sits in the dash have a slot loading CD/DVD drive. Then have a fairly good sound card in the computer with channels going out to an amp for sound in the car (front speakers, rear speakers, subs, etc.).

    But one of the most important things about this is being able to control it! I want to be able to easielly change songs and such without having to mess around with something... and I also want full computer use when needed. So I thought of putting this little monitor on the dash (the dash is big and flatish)

    Allright so now I can see it? But how to control it? Well I thought about a small keyboard
    But then how would I control a mouse? There is no easy way of putting a mouse in the car... do you think one of those small keyboards with a trackball on it would work? Can you even find a small illuminated keyboard with a trackball on it?

    Anyways... I would have the keyboard on some kind of mount under the screen... then just set it up go I could just reach for a few keys near me to change songs/volume/etc. (would be as simple if not simpler than a radio)

    Then I got to thinking about the computer it's self... I mean would it be better to run Windows XP Media Center Edition on it? Is there anything special required for Media Center Editon? (it can still function as a full computer correct? I have never played with Media Edition so I don't know too much about it's features) Whatever it is I would need the ability to start up and shut down fairly fast... I mean who wants to get in their car and wait 5min for a computer to boot up?

    Do you guys have any other ideas on this? Especially the control part... I considered a touch screen but I would have no idea how to interface that with a computer plus I want a keyboard for other uses of that computer... and touch screens are costly.

    I planned (mainelly for cost) to use a DC-AC inverter with a 350watt normal load.

    Then in the computer I would use a small motherboard from Newegg
    And a PSU

    And the AMD XP 2500+ Mobile processor (35watts max draw) with a normal desktop hard drive. I could underclock the processor a bit to run cooler... but it should run cool enough to have a passive sink on it.

    The only part i'm not so sure is on the electrical wireing part... I plan to get a HO alternator (around 200amps) and don't plan on running the computer/sound system whial the car is off. I know that when installing the HO alt I have to replace the cables going to the battery from the alt with heavy 4guage with a fuse on the line (that is what they reccomend). But after that I wanted just 1 heavy wire going back in the car ONLY for sound/computer/CB/etc. How exactelly would I run a dedicated wire back there? Then could I just split off that 1 large wire into smaller ones (10-12guage) to run to the amp/inverter/CB?

    Mind you... I want to use an inverter mainelly because it costs the same as a DC-DC PSU would, and it makes it really easy to power the monitor and such without having to hard wire everything. I have some other questions about the sound system it's self but I think I will save it for a new topic .


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    They make programs that turn joystick inputs into mouse and keyboard. I'm sure you can rig something up with that.
    softmodded xbox, PSOne screen, inverter. simple and effective. Combine with PDA and head unit with aux input, and we're having a wonderful time.


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      Humm a small joystick as the mouse... that could work. I think I asked a bit too for 1 post

      And thanks for moving the topic!