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DIN Case Question and CPU ?

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  • DIN Case Question and CPU ?

    I searched the forum and didn't find a specific answer. I am looking for a case similar to the "autocan" computer AutoCan . I do not need the remote and all of those features, just the case and face. I am looking to replace my HU with the CarPC. Is there a case out there like that or should I just make one? Also one other question, I am looking to use the puter for Mp3's, GPS, FM tuner and DVD's with a touch screen. I already have a M10000 that I use for my home computer but was wondering if one of the slower (= less expensive) fanless VIA boards would do fine for that app. Any help would be appreciated.

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    There are a few 1DIN cpu cases out there. (zenark and CaseTronic to name two)
    <> i think they ALL are built for the VIA M-series motherboard(s)
    <> Their biggest drawback is that they are all nearly 10" long and few of us have that kind of depth in our dashes. Your Milage May Vary (YMMV)


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      I have put a ME6000 motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, DC-DC power supply in a 7x7x2 1/4 metal box that fits in some DIN openings. I am not using it in a DIN opening so I was okay making it larger.

      I don't have it in a car yet, still a little ways from there, but I have been using it as a desktop replacement and DVD player/TV computer for a few weeks to see how well it works and stands the heat, and so far so good.

      I doesn't look near as good as the one at the link, I wish I had access to tools to do that, I bent mine out of zinc steel on an anvil and used a vice and tin snips, air cut off wheel, and dremel. Actually it looks pretty horrible, but only the front will be seen. I only have 5 bucks invested in the case (and a couple of hours or work) so with what I learned the first time around, I can make the second try better if I want to.