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  • Power from head unit?


    I'm very new here, and just currently looking at options for a HDD-MP3 player for my car (no fancy stuff like sat-nav or DVD playback, just the music). What I want to know is, is it possible to power the thing using the CD changer interface on the back of my head unit? (I have a Ford 5000 unit.) Presumably there's a 12V output there somewhere. Does anyone have any views on this? It just seems a bit of a hack to have to hook wires up directly to the battery - or am I just being a bit thick?



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    That depends on what kind of head unit you have, many don't even have aux inputs.
    One way or another, my carputer will have an interface with my head unit so that it looks stock. The problem is that I'm having a LOT of trouble finding the pinout on the back of the damn thing. I'd suggest searching on Google to try to find the pinout on the back of your head unit to see if it provides power, and if you want to tie it all together, your best bet is probably to buy an adapter from LogJam and hook it up to an iPod.
    You could always get an FM modulator of your HU doesn't have aux inputs, but the sound quality will be better with an adapter.
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