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  • Radio & TV CarPC Signal Quality

    Hi, first sorry for my English...
    I would like you to tell me if the reception quality of an USB or TV-Radio card is good in comparison with a standar car radio. Can I connect the antenna of the car to the card/usb to get good quality?. How do I get the TV signal?. Is the signal good on the road?. Is there problems with car noise?
    Please answer if you have experience with this.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I have no experience with this, so I guess I shouldn't answer.
    But if you look around these threads you'll find that a good (pc) radio reception is tough to get. Let alone TV reception., E-Cig Mods
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      Do some ing
      you will find theres actualy some threads in discussion about aerials at present
      but so far for radio no, decent radio for pc exists doesnt matter if its usb, or pci
      the reception is bad is both cases and there are plenty to choose from
      There is a new radio been developed here on the forums that will give great reception but its still been designed
      the modular tech pci card is one of the best for recption but its DAB, not FM/AM
      as for tv, youll need a very strong aerial even been stationary, prehpas digital reception will be clearer
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        as far as radio, you can get close, which as already stated leaves a lot to be desired already, but when it comes to tv you will get a universal answer from all that have tried:that in a moving vehicle tv reception sucks to the point that it is unwatchable for the most part. sure you may get a stretch of road that it can be tolerable, but for the most part, it sucks. now if your talking about parked, then if your willing to experiment with posisioning of the vehicle, you will find that sometimes it's o.k. & other times it isn't. this would apply regardless of how "good" your tv tuner is, & obviously an inferior design will give worse in the car is a wasted effort most of the times to most people but some like the option to play with..., now mobile satalite reception is a different does still require line of sight, but with the sky which will be blocked a lot less often than a transmiter that is terestrial is pretty awsome, BUT you have to have a lot of cash & a big shell on your roof, still not to practical for most situations. My advice, save the money you would spend on the tv tuner & get a few more dvd's...
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