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How do I connect this???

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  • How do I connect this???

    I know I could get a VGA to RCA connect for the picture to show up, but how would I power this up if it doesnt come with a power supply, I asked the seller and he doesnt know but he said I dont need it to hook it up in my car, can someone plz help me. Thank you.

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    I dont know why you want to convert to RCA, it says it takes a VGA input. You would connect it to 12v from your power supply, there are pleanty of threads on how to do this
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      Two great things I like about that auction:
      #1: This line: GR8 4 MP3 Free Ship. Well doesn't that just make you want to buy it!
      #2: They have a picture with their screen and MediaCar on it.
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        If the seller says that you don't need a power supply to hook it up in your car, chances are its 12v. But it would still need a voltage regulator of some sort. If it does have VGA input, use it! Far better resolution. Unless you are using it for a plain old display for TV or something, than you are going to need some adapter.

        Although, it doesn's seem like something I would go for.
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          Hmmm, do you guys think I should buy this. If the price is right...
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            probably not
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              If memory serves me, this is the "DennisK" kit that is sold by a member here. Although I haven't seen any posts recently by him, searching around will pull up some info.


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                Please read the listing CAREFULLY!!!! The touch screen controller is NOT INCLUDED!!!!!
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                  reply back

                  the reason why i want to connect it back from VGA to RCA is so I could connect my ps2 to the screen, but I still dont understand on how to power up the screen. I am very new to this so I might sound very stupid.