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    I'm looking for a system that has navigation and can monitor what's going on in my car through my OBD II port. It seems like a CarPuter is the best option. What can I read to find what I'm looking for? How much should I expect to spend?
    I have an older laptop (Sony PCG-n505VE Celeron 333) that I could disassemble if need be and put in there permanently and I have a new laptop (Sony PCG-V505EX Centrino 1.5 GHz) that I could use as long as it would be easily removable. I also have an old desktop that I built with an Athlon 1.4 GHz CPU and an Asus motherboard. Are any of these usable or should I look at getting all new components?
    I understand the basic components I need for a computer and I understand the concepts of what I need to put a computer in a car permanently. But is there a definitive guide other than the sticky at the top of the forum?

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    start reading in the newbie forum and go from there. I built my entire setup without posting a question. so all the info is out there, you just have to find it. read all the faqs and stickies