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1987 Mustang GT with Laptop Carputer?

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  • 1987 Mustang GT with Laptop Carputer?

    I am working on building a carputer, but at this time, I wish to use a laptop for the system, I have a lilliput 7" for controls and visuals. Plenty of music and ability to watch DVD's (Courtesy of laptops drive).
    How to power up laptop with car, and shut off with car. I have seen the units for standard ITX computers... but was not sure if there is something comperable for laptops?
    Please let me know!! I am at a loss!
    Centrafuse 3.1
    Garmin Mobile PC
    GPS, OBDII, Lilliput 629GL, Nightvision integrated video,
    Other fun stuff in works.

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    Quick! To the Popemobile!


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      BiohazrD post whoring wont help him :P

      Look into using an inverter, and put a relay on that which is on the ignition circuit of your car. Search for that, so as to give you a starting point.
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        I am going to powe my laptop from a car laptop psu. it ups my 12v to 16 volts, and has a max power of 3.5a / 70W.

        It is connected to the ignition of my car so when i take the key out it turns off the psu. (this way i wont have a flat bettery)

        the laptop is a IBM t23 and has 2 batteries in it so it will run for well over 4 hours watching films. so should be good in the carpark at work

        The lilliput monitor will have a permanant live but i can still turn it off with the remote.

        hope that give you an idea