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    Well I'm not as technically inclined as you guys, I think I want to go with acomputer that's already built. I found this auction here on ebay and was wondering, if this is how you guys do it. Do you buy a computer such as this, and then install the Opus? It says it has a built in power supply, but I'd have to rip the one that's in it, and install the Opus.....right? I know I sound clueless, but I think this is how it's done. lol laugh at me later aight people???!!!! lol

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    Yeah, you could do that and just put in an Opus... but that's no fun. Most people around here buy the parts and build their own computer.


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      yeah. building your own is more fun

      but if i remember right i paid about $110 for the opus, $120 or so for the via epia, plus the ram/hd/cd-rom/external sound card (all spare parts)... so it'll probably come out a little cheaper to build it yourself. but this would be easier. and less fun.
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        Read Up a Bit More

        I'd recommend building it yourself mate, its not that hard, if you can put a normal PC together then this is not going to cause you any problems, plus you can decide on what hardware to use. There is loads of tutorials and people here are real friendly. I would personally like to know what I have put inside my PC, how it went together and that it would connect correctly to the car battery, hence building it myself.

        Putting it together is a real simple affair, just needed a small screwdriver, large desk (to loose screws on), some time, patience and some help from these guys on here. Big shouts to Spyda and Confused... you've helped me loads recently...

        I have used an Epia MII-12000 motherboard although I'd go for the Mii-10000, a Travla C134 case, 256mb ram, 30gb Laptop HD, DVD/CDRW and it's running Windows XP Pro.

        As for powering it, I've got a Carnetix ( 60W Powersupply that regulates the power and handles the startup/shutdown via the ignition.

        This is the only bit I am unsure of, but as far as I can see, its a case of putting an inline fuse between the PSU and the battery and then connecting some wires (manual available from their site).

        As for suppliers, it all depends where abouts on the globe you are, in the UK I'd recommend, they've had most of my money on this project. They're quick, curtious and when I wanted to change the colour of my case at the last minute, they managed to do so before it went out the door. I hear DigitalWW are pretty good in the states, if a little slow.

        I spent about 3 months reading up on this site when I was bored to find out more about it, and there are loads of ways to put this together, OPUS is one way and Carnetix is the other, depending on what motherboard you have used. OPUS is really usefull if you need the power and are running a bigger ITX board (correct me if I'm wrong guys), and the Carnetix is great if you are running a Mini-ITX board and Laptop Hard drive, laptop optical drive.

        Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress!

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          Maybe putting one together IS a good idea

          But I noticed that a bunch of the Mini-ITX boards have on-board audio (sound cards). What if the sound card eventually fries, or the sound that is onboard is just plain crappy? What have you gusy done? Also, I was looking at external enhancement )like the Sound Blaster Extigy) any of you audiophiles out there in CAR PC land use something like this? Seems like a good idea, but I also see this as not being a solution...mainly because the beginning signal will be.

          Do any of you out there use larger boards that allow for top-notch sound cards? What boards are they? Where can I buy them? I'm also wondering if any of you frequent MSN messenger. I think I can remvie and install a sound card, but creating a whole new system????!!!! that seems like a daunting task that to be quite honest, I think I want to take now. Thanx for the encouragment.


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            If onboard audio is sucky or breaks, you can always ADD external audio (like a sound card or USB sound device) later. Buying an audigy 'just in case' is silly, just try the onboard sound first and you might find it's good. Modern motherboards have pretty darn great onboard sound, better then any sound card you could buy a couple years ago.

            If you don't like it, disable it in the CMOS and get another card.
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              Dude, build it yourself.

              Cuz once it's done and people start asking where did you get it and who installed it, you can say you did it all.

              And the look on their faces is priceless, they stare at you in AAAAHHHH!!
              Like you are some kind GOD of the great computing world!!!!

              Ok maybe not but it feels good
              "Live Long And Prosper"

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                Thanx for the info on the sound card. I was just wondering. I have another question.....are there any books I can read to walk me through installation? Or maybe show me how to build a computer?


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                  Plenty of guides online. It's super easy, google it and you'll be sure to find something.
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