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power up problems...

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  • power up problems...

    well i went through, installed everything, and tried to power up, and i get nothing... i want to make sure of a few things w/ you guys before i go getting too ****ed off..

    on the ignition of an opus, blue wire, can i just hook that up to the same wire i would hook into a turn on lead of an amp??

    is there a way to tell if the opus is running but the mobo not turning on??

    how long should i have to wait after i turn the car on for the mobo to start running w/ an opus 90?

    hope i can get some help here, im pretty frustrated righ tnow, and i am sure some of you know what i am talking about along these frustration lines...

    thanks in advance...

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    Pull the main OPUS fuse, wait 30 minutes, then try to plug it back in.
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