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Question Regarding Power Antenna

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  • Question Regarding Power Antenna

    I figured someone on this site with some electronics experience could help me with this question.

    Basically, I drive a Ford Explorer with the JBL premium sound system. I have put a whole new system in the truck, including a new headunit. The only problem is the power antenna refused to work.

    After experimenting with different combinations, I found that if you put power and ground to the two leads off the antenna it would operate. There is still a problem, though. When I connect the 12v to the red lead off the antenna, and ground to the green, the antenna goes up but will not come down, even after shuting the vehicle off. If you flip these connections, the antenna will go down, but not back up.

    Basically, I'm looking for something (relay? switch?) that would do this "flipping" action on it's own, by using either my ignition signal or my remote turn on signal. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, or what I'd need to fix this problem? Thanks.

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    Where are you connecting to the antenna? If you connect at the antenna, you'll have this problem. If you connect where the factory head unit did, it should work with the standard power antenna lead of your new HU.
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      would dpdt relay do it?


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        The stock system in my Explorer had two external amplifiers which the antenna ran to. These amps are located all the way in the cargo area in the rear of the vehicle. To save time and hassle, I figured it would be much easier to simply find a solution which would avoid running long wires to the rear.


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          you dont need the earth simply put. you need 2 different positive inputs to both poles of the power antenna, one to send it up - the other to bring ti down. now you need these charges to go on 1) startup and 2) shutdown. hope that helps.