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Opus & AC Power (w/EDAC Brick)

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  • Opus & AC Power (w/EDAC Brick)


    I've search all over and thought there was a thread on this topic which addressed how to go from the EDAC brick's 5.5mm/2.5mm female jack to the Opus 90w three wire power connector (Red/Black/Blue wires).

    I stopped by RadioShack and a local electronics store and nobody had a male connector with bare wires which would marry to the EDAC jack. I'd like to avoid cutting the EDAC connector off...

    I apologize in advance to those offended by this newbie posting in the newbie forum.

    Any help solving this issue would be greatly appricated.



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    What's an EDAC?


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      Originally posted by Zip-Lock
      What's an EDAC?
      Sorry, my bad being too specific.... The "110W 12V AC Adapter (EDAC Power)" offered by ...



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        why the hell do you need one of those if you have an opus?
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          Yeah, your OPUS should be connected directly to your car battery.
          Quick! To the Popemobile!


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            I thought about this myself, and I am being bitten in the *** by it now. My case came with a 60w PSU with a wall brick. I had to "test" my OPUS while in my car. I really wanted to be able to test it on the desk so that I would know if all my devices would be properly powered.

            It turns out that the video card I bought takes too much power and I'm still at 800x600 squished with the onboard video.


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              Originally posted by Nic
              why the hell do you need one of those if you have an opus?
              In order to use the Opus in the house for setup and in the future if the system needs to be debugged outside of the vehicle.

              I've read about the other suggestions of hot-wiring an old ATX power supply and just using a battery charger but neither of those seemed like nice clean solutions.